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Does UV Light Hurt Your Product?

Whether you grow, process, or run a dispensary, UV light is something that workers within the marijuana industry should be aware of. 

At MJ Wholesale, we understand the process of cultivating a top-tier product. That’s why we’re providing this blog to educate marijuana industry workers about the impacts of UV light so you can promote your product’s integrity and maintain consistency in quality. 

Before we touch on UV light’s impact on marijuana, let’s take some time to define what UV light is. 

What Is UV Light? 

Does UV Light Hurt Your Product?

UV light, otherwise known as ultraviolet light, is a type of electromagnetic radiation that results in a person’s summer tan, or worst-case scenario, summer sunburn. Too much UV radiation can result in living tissue being damaged. 

Still not concerned about too much UV radiation? 

UV radiation has the ability to break chemical bonds. People are most commonly worried about their skin and eyes being affected by UV radiation. Most UV light that people will experience comes through the sun. 

A few artificial sources of UV light include: 

  • Tanning booths
  • Black lights 
  • Fluorescent sources 

UV light has played an enormous role in life on Earth since the dawn of time. LiveScience reported that the red dwarf stars might not emit enough UV light to start the biological process to create ribonucleic acid, which supports natural life.

Since UV light is so prevalent, let’s discuss how it can affect your marijuana products. 

How UV Light Affects Your Product 

Research has shown a link between UV radiation and an increased rate of THC in marijuana.

Those looking to increase their plant’s potency should keep reading! 

The reason that research has reflected a connection between UV radiation and an increased rate of THC levels is through observing that a marijuana plant’s level of UV exposure can result in higher cannabinoid production. Higher cannabinoid production leads to a more potent product with higher resin production. 

This reaction of increased levels of THC and CBD in marijuana plants, when exposed to UV light, is a protective measure on the part of the plant. Harmful UV rays cause plants such as marijuana to create protective mechanisms that end up making the plant stronger. 

Final Thoughts: Does UV Light Hurt Your Product?

The short answer to the question of whether or not UV light hurts your product is yes, UV light damages marijuana plants, but in doing so, the plant develops protective responses that boost THC levels in the plant. 

If you want to expose your product to UV light to increase THC levels in the plant, any LED grows lights that contain UV diodes can provide UV light.

While UV light is emitted from the sun, indoor growing facilities utilize the highest amounts of UV light. This makes sense since growing facilities can set up artificial UV lights at a more constant rate instead of relying on the natural patterns of the sun. 

UV light can even accelerate the germination process when using seeds for indoor growing. 

While the truth of UV light’s effect on marijuana plants is a bit of a paradox, it yields a positive result for the plant’s THC levels.

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