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How to Fill the Futurola Knockbox

If you've ever researched a joint cone filling machine, Futurola's Knockbox  should be one of the top results. The company focuses on creating the best workflow for a joint cone filling operation. They have a grinding system to produce fine and even product. A Knockbox machine that shakes the cones up and down to fill them with cannabis product. They also have a labeling system. This article is going to focus on the knockbox.






The knockbox system consists of a product loading tray. Two 100 hole plastic cone holders, the bottom one having magnets. The base unit with the shake plate and a power chord with the controls. The base unit has two magnets that will align to the bottom cone holding tray. There is also a 100 hole plastic filling tray with a metal plate on its bottom. For the back of the unit there is a collection tray for product that shakes out during filling. There is also a 100 cone holding tray that can be used to store finished products one filled that has a plastic cover for the top holes. 

The knockbox is a very simple unit to operate, when you know how to use it. Cannabis varies greatly in density and as such you must learn to perfect your grind. The grinding system from Futurola is perfect for this use. If you do not have a Futurola grinding unit available, then make sure to have a finely ground product. Place the plastic cone holders together. Now stack them onto the fitted ridge on the top base unit above the shake plate, lining the cone holders up with the magnets. Load the amount of cones to be filled into the top of the slots on the cone holder. The plastic filling tray has a metal plate to keep product from spilling out. Fill the plastic loading tray with product matching the cone holes filled on the base unit. Carefully align the filling tray to the top of the 100 hole plastic cone holder. Make sure the collection tray is attached to the back of the unit.

How to Fill the Futurola Knockbox

To operate the machine, first pull the metal plate under the filling tray out. Gently using any pointed instrument like a pencil or paintbrush, push the product is sticking to the loading tray into the cone holding unit. Once the product is on top of cones in the cone holding tray, hit the on button located on box on the power chord. The unit will start to shake the product into the cones. The loading tray holds around half a gram of cannabis product on average. Product density can play a huge roll in the weight of the joints. To get to a full gram joint, fill the filling tray with the metal plate underneath it again. Repeat the operating process documented above and you will have a one gram joint on average.

To unload the machine, make sure that the unit has come to a complete stop. Joint ConesCarefully remove the upper plastic cone holder. Remove the collection tray from the back of the base unit. Place the 100 cone holding tray with the plastic lid on to the back of the unit. Take the lower plastic cone hold with the filled joints and lift it straight up high enough to break it free from the magnets on the base unit, but not too high to cause the filled products to fall out the bottom. Quickly and delicately move the tray from over top the base unit to the top of the loadiFuturola KnockBox W/ Unloading Tray ng tray. The holding tray has groves that match the cone holder. Make sure these two units are aligned and pull the plastic tray cover out. The filled cones will fall into the finished cone holding tray. Lift the plastic cone holder directly up off the the finished cone holder tray to not damage product. The unit is now ready to be reassembled and the process repeated for more joint cones to be filled.

This has been a basic overview of Futurola's Knockbox machine. It is an amazing and effective way to fill numerous joint cones quickly. The machine is incredibly user friendly and simple. We hope you found this product guide helpful and we're proud to bring the entire Futurola's joint cone filling line of products to you.
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