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Label Clearly: The Importance Of Packaging Stickers

The industry is heavily regulated. These rules apply to all packaging, Prescription Labels & State Compliant Labels. Labels should be on every Mylar & Child Resistant Bags, Drams, and Concentrate Containers with product in it. It is very important that your company complies with state regulations. Once all meds are legal in 50 states, we will also have federal regulations.  All labels that are made for products must obey the rules. Otherwise, you will not be able to sell them legally.  

Michigan Medical Label with THC Label - Prescription Labels & State Compliant Labels

A major obstacle for  label producers is that every state has different specifications for medical or recreational labeling. This means that they need to know all of the different specifications for each individual state.

Your container, whether its Mylar & Child Resistant Bags, Drams, or a Concentrate Container needs to be clearly labeled so that everyone knows exactly what is inside it. You must focus on:

  1. Identity
  2. Responsibility
  3. Quantity


    Identity refers to the most common name for what is in your container, bag or jar. However, when naming your product, you should be careful to not use words that will appeal to children. This means that you should exclude popular foods in a name for your product. The strictness of the Rx labels will depend on the laws in your location.


    This is a section on the label that has your business name, address, and phone number. This is important so that customers know which company distributes a product. This could be helpful for repeat business or if an issue occurs.


    This section requires a few details to meet compliance. You will need the following product information on the vial:

    • Weight
    • Chemical Information (amounts of each strain)
    • Serial Number
    • Name and Strength of Strain
    • Batch Number
    • Dates (such as testing and expiration)

    Additionally, you will need to include a warning section. This will include statements about how weed can be habit-forming, have health risks, and not suitable for children. It also should include specific age restrictions, and state that it may impair abilities to operate heavy machinery. Furthermore, it should contain a warning that it is a “Schedule 1” controlled substance (for now) and is not for resale.

    Another important issue to remember is that state laws on labeling are subject to change at any time. This means you will need to stay current on what those laws are so that you stay compliant with them.

    The importance of labeling your product correctly is that if you don’t, you will not be able to sell cannabis legally anymore. If you can’t sell legally, that will make it more difficult to find customers and make money. You will also need to stay current on the updates of the labeling laws in your state. If you always stay compliant with the regulations, you will not need to worry about your business being forced to shut down.

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