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Concentrate Gathering Tools – Anatomy, Usage, Benefits, and Maintenance


Dab rigs have taken over the marijuana market as one of the most remarkable and competent smoking devices. But as technology advances, devices get smaller while their functionality increases. Dab rigs have followed the same pattern and are getting smaller by the day. As a smoke shop owner, staying updated with these trending smoking devices and accessories is vital to cater to your customers.

Do you have a little vertical space in your showroom? Because if you do, your consumers are going to love this new smoking device to relish some of the best (and tastiest) vapor from any concentrate. This device is none other than a Concentrate Gathering Tool.

What's this new trendy smoking device all about? Let's find out!

The Concentrate Gathering Tool

Concentrate Gathering Tools (or honey and dab straws – whatever you want to call them) are S-sized, vertical dab Concentrate Gathering Tools. The smoker can simply collect the wax, and the collector converts it into smoke. The Concentrate Gathering Tool features a water filtration system like an oil rig. It can also be thought of as a percolating dab straw with a high-temperature tip through which it instantly converts the wax into vapor.

Concentrate Gathering Tools can be used for dabbing concentrates of almost all types known to humankind. Hash, Rosin, Live resin, Crumble, Budder, Oil, Shatter, and Wax – you name it, and the Concentrate Gathering Tool works with it. However, these aren't compatible with consuming leaf cannabis.

Anatomy of a Concentrate Gathering Tool

A Concentrate Gathering Tool comprises several components that might or might not be detachable. Here are some of the significant components of a Concentrate Gathering Tool.

The mouthpiece

The mouthpiece of a Concentrate Gathering Tool is similar to mouthpieces of other smoking equipment. This mouthpiece can be effectively used as a straw for sipping on dab vapor. It is generally made from silicon or glass material.

The tip

The tip that achieves the high temperature is usually made of ceramic, quartz, or titanium. It can quickly come off and provide an easy cleaning process. The standard size of the Concentrate Gathering Tools tip ranges between 10mm to 14mm.

Down Stem

The middle portion of the collector consists of the down stem, which is generally filled with water. This water chamber is a percolator situated within the Concentrate Gathering Tool and is specifically designated for filtering the dab vapor. It utilizes water for this very purpose.



Concentrate Chamber

A Concentrate Gathering Tool also features a concentrate chamber that serves the purpose of containing the dab. The dish can be either made up of silicone or food-grade glass material.

Using a Concentrate Gathering Tool

Many users might be skeptical about the usage and maintenance of their Concentrate Gathering Tool. As a smoke shop owner, you need to know and explain the entire process of using the Concentrate Gathering Tool so that the user doesn't have any doubts in mind.

Here's how users can use this smart and sleek smoking device:

Pour water into the Concentrate Gathering Tool.

Heat the Concentrate Gathering Tools tip with the help of a torch. The typical heating time is around 45 to 55 seconds. However, it depends on several factors, such as the heating temperature, tip quality, and the torch's strength.

Allow it to cool for around 20 to 25 seconds.

Tip – To heat the tip to the desired temperature, you can take the help of an infrared temperature gun. It will also help avoid under-heating/overheating your dabs.

The user has to put their mouth around the mouthpiece of the Concentrate Gathering Tool and inhale slowly. Simultaneously, they must apply the tip to the concentrates that are placed in a dish.

As soon as the vapor forms, they must inhale it.

When finished, they can remove the dab straw from the dish.

Cleaning a Concentrate Gathering Tool

Maintaining their smoking device is the primary concern of all customers. And you must be able to convey how your customers can clean and maintain the Concentrate Gathering Tool.

What's required?

  • Hot or warm water.
  • Coarse salt.
  • Plastic resealable bag.
  • 91 percent or above isopropyl alcohol.

Instructions to follow:

First of all, disassemble the different components of a Concentrate Gathering Tool. Start with the tip, and then remove the water present inside by blowing into the mouthpiece.

Grab any soft material such as a cotton swab to remove any covered resin. This process avoids any scratches being formed on the Concentrate Gathering Tool.

Put the components of the Concentrate Gathering Tool into different plastic resealable bags. Add isopropyl alcohol to submerge them fully. Maintain a 2:1 ratio between alcohol and salt. Close the container.

Do not disturb the setting for about 30 to 60 minutes.

It's time to SHAKE – This helps the salt rake the covered resin present inside and outside the components. The user must firmly hold the glass components inside the bag while doing this activity.

Rinse the components with water and repeat the process if required.

Benefits of using a Concentrate Gathering Tool

Suppose your customers are still unsure about the fantastic utility and features of the Concentrate Gathering Tool. In that case, you can make them count the number of advantages it has as a smoking device.

Ease of use

Heat, Dip, Sip – 3 Steps, and that's it! Moreover, there isn't any loading of dab as that with a dab rig.


Zero wastage – This is how the firsts of the Concentrate Gathering Tools were introduced in the marketplace, and believe me, they exploded the market with just this one tagline. What is required here is simply 'Dab + Dip' with no oil dabbling around the dab nail's corner.


The basic idea (apart from being innovative and unique) behind the Concentrate Gathering Tool was to design a portable device that can be carried with utmost ease and can be disassembled and assembled whenever required. This feature makes it lightweight and travel-friendly.


Concentrate Gathering Tool is the perfect solution for all those who wish to get high hassle-free or for smokers on a budget. This is because they are less expensive than big dab rigs.

Electric Concentrate Gathering Tools

Assuming that the Concentrate Gathering Tool is the most portable, unique, or innovative dab rig is factually wrong. Why? Because humankind has also been introduced to a more advanced version of the glass/silicone dab straw – The Electric Concentrate Gathering Tool!

The heating up of the concentrates has become easier with the electric Concentrate Gathering Tool. The smoker is only required to push a button, and the job is done. An atomizer is used for the fulfillment of this very purpose.

All said and done, the best time to invest in a proper dab straw is NOW. It's new, it's trendy, and your emptor is going to love it. The Concentrate Gathering Tool is one of those products that can quickly turn your shoppers into your patrons. So, add a feather to your showroom's cap by searching and investing in the right Concentrate Gathering Tool and other smoking accessories from the MJ Wholesale website.


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