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Smell Proof Your Stash with the right Marijuana Packaging

Cannabis has a reputation for being an incredibly smelly product. As such, it's hard to find storage options that do not let the smell out. Terpenes, which are the compounds that produce this odor, are constantly evaporating off with the moisture in the cannabis. That's why it's important to smell proof your cannabis stash with the right kind of packaging. Smell proofing has many important uses, has many options available, but these options can often be hard to navigate. That's why here at MJ Wholesale, we're here to make sure you understand what options are available to you.

Smell proofing is an incredibly important part of cannabis storage in any form. Child resistance naturally comes along with smell proofing, as the product is often sealed to prevent the odor from leaking out. Product also stays fresher longer in environments where the humidity is consistent for long periods of time, which happens inside smell proof containers. Smell proof stash options also promote responsible storage practices. People, young or old, can find cannabis by the powerful aroma it produces. Correct packaging and storage practices can help in securing a stash.

Now that we know the benefits of smell proofing, what options are there for us to explore? Mylar bags are a common choice for large commercial operations for packaging many small amounts of cannabis. Glass jars that seal are another solid option as they are naturally smell proof. Concentrate containers, vacuum bags, and even mason jars are other options that can be used for a variety of products. In the end, it comes down to what you're storing.

Mylar Bags  Child Proof Concentrate Container

As cannabis products come in a large variety of forms, it's important to consider what the use of the smell proof product will be. If the product is a marijuana flower of small amounts, the packaging that the dispensary uses might suffice for the short term lifespan. For large amounts, a glass jar or vacuum bag might be a much better option. Concentrate requires special containers due to it's incredibly sticky nature. Always consider the size and amount of the product being stored and where it is being stored. Length of storage is another important factor to consider, as some storage methods are not as suited for long term storage as others.

Smell proof storage options are an important part of the cannabis industry. They provide a way to have a fresh product, often that is in a child-resistant form, and to promote responsible storage. There's a large variety of different forms of smell proof storage available on the market today. When purchasing a smell proof storage option always consider the size of the product, length of storage, and where the product is being stored. If you keep all these considerations in mind, you'll have a great smell proof stash in no time. That's why here at MJ Wholesale, we're proud to bring you a wide variety of smell proof options at affordable prices. 

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