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What are Mylar Exit Bags and why do we need them?

Mylar Exit Bags are child-proof bags that dispensaries give you to exit their premises with. Sometimes Mylar is referred to as Mylar Kraft Paper, Mylar Ziplock bags, or Vista Kraft Paper, the Mylar zipper bags are typically the same.

The Mylar Exit Bag has a composition which allows it to be rugged, tinted, smell proof, and heat sealed for specific dispensary needs.

Aside from the sleekness a mylar bag provides, they actually serve a variety of purposes for the needs of all dispensaries. They can be Opaque to abide by Cannabis Exit Bag Laws, they are smell proof, they come as a zipper or pouch exit bag, in all variety of sizes, you can even get them in a custom size for your unique needs.

Why use Mylar Bags for Dispensaries

Initially, Mylar bags were created for the retail space, but now Mylar bags are being used predominantly for retail marijuana, or general marijuana storage The Do's and Don'ts with storing Cannabis

Mylar bags even come in tamper proof / child resistant bags. Child proof bags are designed to be used without a heat sealer, but like all Mylar bags, you can use a heat sealer to create your own seal!

If your state requires Full Opaque Exit bags,
we have 2 colors available:

1. Opaque White 2. Opaque Black

Mylar Bags are typically constructed of:

  • PET/PE plastic
  • Heat sealable
  • Thickness of over 4 mil

Let's talk freshness!

Medical marijuana needs to be stored properly in order to have a long shelf life. In fact, cannabis can last up to 10 years if packed correctly! To enjoy your cannabis for the maximum amount of time, follow the tips listed below. 

The Do's and Don'ts with storing Cannabis:

Do - store your flower away from direct sunlight. You want a cool dry place!
Do - store your flower in a Mylar Weed Bag, Glass Jar or Concentrate Container that has a neutral charge!
Do - use hygrometers to monitor and control RH levels
Do - vacuum your seal your Mylar weed bags, jars and containers, which will reduce oxygen exposure
Do - separate your strains so they maintain their own flavors.
Don't - store in plastic bags or containers. Plastic bags have a static charge, which will degrde your cannabis.
Don't - store near anything that gives off heat.
Don't - use a tobacco humidor
Don't - store in the refrigerator or freezer. Changes in temp and humidty will cause mold or mildew on your medical marijuana. Freezing can cause trichomes to break off when handled.
Don't - – store grinders, pipes, or other products with your medical cannabis. This is unsanitary and will stink up your products.

Did You Know?

In the State of Washington - Mylar Bags have strict requirements by law. In addition to having Mylar bags constructed of PET/PE plastic, and are heat sealable, with a thickness of over four mil, but as required by WAC 314-55-105 Packaging and Labeling Requirements set by the State of Washington require the Mylar bags don't have an easy-open table, dimple, corner, or flap for Child Resistant Proofing needs.

MJ wholesale branding offers wholesale mylar exit bags in bulk discounts!

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