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1-2 Lb Mylar Bags

MJ Wholesale is proud to feature a diverse collection of 1-2 Lb. Mylar bags that you can choose from. Our mylar vista black 1 Lb. bag can hold up to one pound or 448 grams of dry weed. Not only does this bag have an effective seal, but is also heat sealable. It has a glossy finish and square edges which gives it a professional look. It meets the compliance standards for medical and recreational marijuana.  

You can also buy the mylar vista bag in white, with same dimensions that are 19 x 6 x 14.5 inches. These bags are ideal for edibles or flower packaging. Don’t worry if you’re not sure about placing a bulk order. You can purchase sample mylar bags for 1 Lb. herb, for as low as $2 per count, and then place an order!

Looking to store and package large amounts of cannabis? Our collection of 1-2 LB mylar bags is perfect for that purpose. Mylar bags are durable, safe, and available in opaque varieties, ensuring that your weed will be well-preserved while staying discreet.

With the ever-changing cannabis compliance packaging laws, marijuana sellers are required to stay updated and on their toes. No one wants stale weed and there’s always a high demand for cannabis related supplies. Therefore, dispensaries buy their products in bulk rather than by the gram so that nothing goes to waste. And they need appropriate packaging to ensure that the large amount of weed they brought stays fresh.

This post will discuss everything about 1-2 LB mylar bags. Here is a compilation of the topics we will go over.

·       What are 1-2 LB mylar bags?

·       The types of 1-2 LB mylar bags

·       How does a 1-2 LB mylar bag work?

·       How to use a 1-2 LB mylar bags?

·       How to clean 1-2 LB mylar bags?

·       Why should you stock up on 1-2 LB mylar bags for your shop?

·       Where can you buy 1-2 LB mylar bags at wholesale prices?

·       1-2 LB mylar bags – The Final Verdict

·       Frequently Asked Questions about 1-2 LB mylar bags

What are 1-2 LB mylar bags?

Mylar bags are made out of high-quality polyester plastic film and are available in various sizes and shapes. The 1-2 LB mylar bags are the most popular for large amount of cannabis. Mylar bags that hold 1-2 pounds can store enough flower to enable larger transactions and sales between cultivators and dispensaries. These mylar bags are ideal for storing large quantities of cannabis because they are light yet durable and can be securely sealed to ensure freshness of its contents.

The types of 1-2 LB mylar bags

Mylar bags are airtight and are better suited for storing specific products like cannabis and food items. These are ideal for dispensary owners who want to ensure that their products remain safe while in storage or during transportation. At MJ Wholesale, we have the below-mentioned types of mylar bags in our collection. 

These Mylar bags are the ideal choice for anyone in need of a versatile and reliable storage option for a pound of cannabis. The zipper on them is top quality, making them a go-to solution for cannabis storage. These bags are made from durable, top-quality material, ensuring they will last a lifetime. They are easy to open or close with fingers as compared to cardboard or plastic, ensuring one doesn’t need to use teeth or mouth for tearing into these bags. These bags also meet the strict compliance standards for cannabis packaging and are perfect for storage of medical or recreational marijuana. 

These bags feature a small window on them. The window in these bags lets your customers see your products, and their zipper is top quality for ease of access and high-security. The bag is made from a durable material that can withstand wear and tear over time. They have square corners and have a matte finish that gives them their professional look.

At MJ Wholesale, we also provide sample mylar bags so that you can get an idea of what you are purchasing before placing the bulk order. You can buy a sample of the mylar bags we have for as low as $2 per count.  

How do 1-2 LB mylar bags work?

After harvest and curing, ongoing care is essential to preserve your cannabis. Large quantities must be stored properly to prevent spoilage. Mylar bags are an excellent way to prevent your cannabis products from degrading. These one-pound units have durable, thick plastic and a press-and-seal lock that keeps everything airtight.

Mylar bags are designed to be hermetically sealed for maximum freshness. This means your cannabis will stay fresher for longer, reducing spoilage and wastage. The airtight seal also keeps odors from escaping, so you won't have to worry about unwanted smells flying through the walls of your dispensary.

How to use 1-2 LB mylar bags?

Mylar bags are easy to use and can be used in various ways. The most common way is to store cannabis products in a bag, but they can also be used for marketing and branding purposes. To ensure that your products stay fresh, you should always ensure the mylar bag is locked securely and is stored in an area that is not exposed to direct sunlight.

When filling a one-pound mylar bag, it's important to use the right amount of product. Using too much will cause problems and using too less will leave the somewhat empty. Ideally, you can fill a one-pound mylar bag with approximately 448gm of dry herb.

Labeling 1-2 LB mylar bags

Once you've filled the pound bag, it's important to properly label it so that your customers can identify the product in your dispensary, as can you. Labeling should include information about the strain, weight, and a statement regarding the contents being for medical use only (if applicable). It's also a good idea to include a barcode or QR code so that customers can quickly access more information about the product.

Sealing 1-2 LB mylar bags

Once the bag is filled and labeled, you'll need to seal it. This can be done manually with a hand-operated heat sealer or an automated system for large batches. Sealing the bags will ensure that your product is properly stored and the seal serves as an extra layer of protection for your product. 

How to clean 1-2 LB mylar bags?

Cleaning the mylar bags is fairly straightforward. Ideally, the mylar bags should be cleaned thoroughly before they are reused. Simply clean with warm water and gentle soap or a disinfectant cleaner, then rinse thoroughly and dry before use. If you're using an automated system for sealing, it's important to clean the sealer and mylar bag before every use. This will help ensure that your products are stored safely and in a sanitary environment.

Why should I stock up on 1-2 LB mylar bags for your shop?

1–2-pound mylar bags have become commonplace in cannabis business and are perfect for all cannabis related businesses. They are ideal for storing edibles and flower and can store up to 448 grams of it. They are easy to manage and use, which makes them attractive to customers too. You're missing out on potential sales if your store does not stock marijuana in 1-2 LB mylar bags. Not only that, but by helping your customers make informed choices about the products they buy, you can earn their trust and loyalty.

Here are a few more reasons why you should store cannabis in 1-2 LB mylar bags in your dispensary or shop.

  • Easy to Store

The most convenient thing about one-pound mylar bags is that they are very easy to store. Dispensaries can utilize these kinds of bags to separate and store Indica, Sativa, and hybrid flavors on their menu with ease. 1-2 LB mylar bags can be placed upright, which makes them simple to store in a cool, dark place until they need to be sold.

  • Heat sealable

The heat-sealable closure on mylar bags will help to keep your products fresh longer and protect them from spoilage and losses. Additionally, the airtight seal also keeps odors from escaping and helps keep your product discreet. 

  • Tamper evident

No one wants to buy products that have been tampered with. With 1-2LB mylar bags, customers can rest assured knowing their products are safe and secure. The tight seal of these bags is tampered evident and provides additional security for your store's inventory.

  • Customizable

Adding custom design or branding to the outside of your dispensary packaging adds a personal touch and helps you stand out from other dispensaries in your area. 

Mylar bags come in various sizes, shapes, and colors, allowing you to customize them to your brand standards. This way, customers will be able to identify which dispensary they're getting their product from and revisit it again! 

Where can I buy 1-2 LB mylar bags at wholesale prices?

If you need wholesale dispensary supplies, look no further than MJ Wholesale. We have a distinct collection of 1-2 LB mylar bags among other varieties that will suit any kind of cannabis packaging need you may have. Whether your goal is compliance or maintaining a certain level of branding, our mylar bags have you covered. Whether you're seeking the packaging for recreational or medicinal use, our 1–2-pound mylar bags will help ensure you stay compliant with the law whilst preserving the freshness of your product. 

Order Mylar bags in bulk today for the best wholesale prices available at MJ Wholesale. As your trusted partner, we always strive to provide you with the highest-quality dispensary supplies at the most affordable costs.

1-2 LB mylar bags – The Final Verdict

1-2 LB mylar bags are the most cutting-edge cannabis packaging for a large amount of cannabis. With the 1lb bag, dispensary employees, customers, and those responsible for cannabis growth and processing can ensure that the product's quality is always up to par.

By storing your products in 1-pound Mylar bags, you can rest assured that the product you have remains fresh for an extended amount of time. Consequently, customers can be confident that they're buying top-notch product whenever they enter the store without worrying about whether their favorite strain will remain fresh at all. 

Frequently Asked Questions about 1-2 LB mylar bags.

  • Can I store cannabis in Mylar bags?

Mylar bags are an excellent option for storing weed. Not only do they help store the marijuana efficiently, they protect it from degrading and help retain its potency while in storage. 

  • What size do 1-2 LB mylar bags come in?

Our current stock of 1 Lb. mylar bags come in two sizes; a large 14.5 x 19 inches bag (with a window) and 14 x 19 inches bag. 

  • Can I customize my mylar bags?

Yes! You can customize the outside of the bag with custom printed labels from MJ Wholesale. This way, customers will be able to identify which dispensary they're getting their product from quickly and easily.

  • Where can I buy bulk quantities of 1 Lb. mylar bags?

MJ Wholesale provides the highest quality products at the most affordable prices. You can buy different types of mylar bags, including the 1 Lb. mylar bag from us at wholesale prices. 

  • How can I seal my mylar bags?

Mylar bags can be sealed with a clamshell heat sealer, or an impact heat sealer. You can also use a flat iron or a hair straightener to do the same. If you’re looking for a bag with a small window, we have the Mylar Vista Black bag with window that can hold up to 1 pound of weed. It is perfect for edibles as well as flower. It has similar dimensions like other 1Lb. bags we have, that are, 14 x 19 x 6 inches. Its matte finish and square corners give it a distinguished and classy appearance.


You can buy these bags in bulk or you can purchase a single piece as a sample. The mylar bags we have at MJ Wholesale are of top-notch quality and are super affordable as we bring the best packaging products to you at wholesale prices! 


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