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10 mL Concentrate Container

Our 10 mL concentrate containers are the perfect choice for dispensaries looking to package their product in a sleek and certified manner. Whether you prefer glass containers, acrylic containers, or silicone containers, we offer various size options and styles in each. These containers are perfect both for flower and processed joint forms of product and keep the freshness and potency stored safely and stylishly. The visually appealing and crystal clear appearance of these containers is perfect for selling product for recreational and medical use alike. These opaque or clear concentrate containers are best known for their: style | medical grade seal | material versatility and offer fresh product guaranteed every time. Our 10 mL containers will hold approximately 9 mL of product and will allow you to easily access the product either in a syringe or jar at any time. Click here to see how much cannabis flower will fit in a jar. 

At MJ Wholesale, we have containers in every shape and size for all of your dispensary needs. 

Our stylish and secure concentrate containers are:

  • Airtight
  • Durable
  • Versatile

With a safe and secure design that allows you to simply unscrew the container and unseal your product in a matter of seconds, these jars are great for custom product orders, in-house product sales, and shipping as well. 

Our glass and silicone jars are also heat resistant making them perfect options for those looking to also use their flower for recipes at home. Simply add butter or sweetened condensed milk to the container with half the 9 mL and steam in boiling water for an hour to get the desired effect with ease.

We also carry silicone wax containers that are heat resistant as well in various shapes and sizes to choose from. All of our containers weigh the same and are medical grade, certified, and secure meaning they don’t result in stale product, shipping disasters, or weighing issues in your dispensary guaranteed. 

If you don’t know which of our many concentrate container types to choose from, check out our blog post:

Plastic or Glass - Which Stores Flower Better? Opaque or Clear?

We also recognize that some businesses may prefer mylar bags or pop tops over our acrylic, glass, and silicone concentrate containers so we also carry an extensive list of these products as well to choose from. 

We work diligently to offer the very best packaging solutions for every business as we understand the value of high-quality packaging and its effect on your product’s freshness and potency over time. 

To learn more about our other packaging options, take a look at our 

glass and plastic jars

 and be sure to find the perfect product packaging and shipping solution for you and your company in no time.


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