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63mm Herb Grinders

It's time for your customers to ditch the scissors and switch to something unique, fun, and stylish to prep before their smoking sesh! Give your customers comfort and convenience with MJ Wholesale's collection of high-grade herb grinders. These grinders will come in super handy when they need to grind their herbs quickly, efficiently, and without creating a mess. 

MJ Wholesale carries a huge collection of premium quality 63 mm herb grinders in different sizes with a distinct number of parts or pieces. Our collection has 2, 3, 4, and even 5-piece grinders. We carry top-notch 63 mm herb grinders from popular brands like Zooted Brandz, Jay & Silent Bob, and V-Syndicate.

The Zooted Brandz grinders are available in 4 different colors – gold, black, silver, and rose gold. All Zooted grinders are four-piece, heavy-grade aluminum grinders with a quarter-locking function. These stylish and sleek grinders feature sharp teeth and provide a fine grind. 

Your customers will love the fluffy consistency of their herb when they grind it with the precision-sharp teeth of the Jay & Silent Bob Aluminum Grinder. This 4-piece grinder is durable, easy to clean and maintain, and will last a long time. It has a top-quality sifting screen and a stash compartment and works like a charm. It has Jay and Silent Bob's official artwork, which gives it an edgy and funky look.

The V-Syndicate 63 mm grinders are available with us in many distinct designs. We carry these grinders in distinct designs and styles of Dank Diva, High Voltage, and T=HC2 Black Hole, which are sure to capture the imagination of your customers. These grinders have a sturdy pollen screen, razor-sharp teeth, and two mini scrapers. Churning even the densest of herbs with this grinder is quick and effortless.

MJ Wholesale carries a wide range of grinders in different sizes, like 55 mm, among many others. Check out our diverse collection of top-notch grinders today! 


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