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Alien Ape

Alien Ape is a Northern California company known for making sweet bongs and weed accessories of glass and silicone. Glass and silicone make for a sweet smoke sesh. The Glass is clean and durable, and the silicone is insulated and protective. Win Win. Alien Ape is proud to design and supply bongs and accessories for legal medicinal marijuana and legal recreational marijuana enjoyment. Add to the excitement in your smoke shop by stocking up some Alien Ape goodies from MJ Wholesale at affordable wholesale prices! Your customers will be able to enjoy faster and simpler dabs! This kit comes with a quartz and titanium nail, which heat up quickly to make dabs faster. The glass bubbler, stem, tip and wax dish included in the kit makes it a wholesome dabbing solution!   

The Alien Ape alcohol swabs are perfect for keeping the dab tools clean, but they're also essential for removing any stubborn residue. The alcohol inside the tube will help disinfect any surface and offer spotless cleaning! The Alien Ape glass and silicone ashtray are designed to withstand the rigors of daily use, and their sleek design is sure to turn heads. A durable, stylish, and high-function solution for all smokers, don't miss out on stocking this beauty.

Give your customers an out-of-this-world smoking experience with Alien Ape Rolling Tray Kit! This metal rolling tray comes with a custom Alien Ape print and a matching magnetic lid. Plus, it comes with two booklets of Afghan Hemp paper and a pack of Afghan Hemp wick. Indeed, your customers can now enjoy a genuinely otherworldly smoke session.From silicone bowls to ashtrays to rolling tray kits and dab kits, Alien Ape has it all – and each piece comes emblazoned with the signature alien ape monkey logo. Go ahead and give your smoke shop the upgrade it deserves with the Alien Ape goodies from MJ Wholesale!


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