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Ashcatchers can prolong the cleanliness of your glass significantly

Ashcatchers can prolong the cleanliness of your glass, significantly. Ashcatchers can prolong the cleanliness of your glass, significantly. All the gunk that can get riled up ion a good smoke sesh, will end up in the ashcatcher, and not in your bong, or lungs! Plus, ashcatchers are easier to clean than a large glass bong. Needing less cleanings will prolong the lifetime of your glassware too. Ash Catchers are handy add-ons that help smokers catch ash easily and prevent clogging their pipes. MJ Wholesale proudly presents a vast range of ash catchers you can offer at your store or outlet. Your customers will thank you for helping them invest in such an essential piece of smoking equipment that not only extends the life of their smoking equipment but also offers an elevated smoking experience. You cannot go wrong with the Famous X 3-inch Glass Ash Catcher. Compatible with almost all kinds of bongs, minimalistic design, maximum function, and high-quality borosilicate glass, this ash catcher is sure to have your customers wanting more!

Check out the Wax Ash Catcher 14mm, which is 4 inches in height and has a standard 14mm male joint and 14mm female for bowls. Help your customers keep their pipes and percs clean with this magnificent utility piece. If you're looking for a banger that's sure to impress, look no further than the Ooze Thermal Banger. Made of quartz and sitting at a 90 angle, this banger provides an even heating experience and the perfect hit each time. With a fantastic range of carp capsbangors, and ash catchers available at MJ Wholesale, you can buy a range of stuff that helps your customer keep their smoking gear in top condition and elevates their smoking experience!


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