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Buddies Bump Boxes and More

MJ Wholesale understands the importance of the accuracy and speed of every step in the cannabis business. We are proud to present a range of Buddies Bump Boxes to speed up your operations and save huge costs on labor and time. 

With the Buddies Wooden Bump Box - King Size, you can very easily fill up to 75 cones – all at once. The traits of Buddies as a brand are precision, high quality, durability and high functionality. They have a number of variations to suit every business. With their Wooden Bump Box Filler for 76 cones, you can quickly fill up to 76 cones of 98 mm size.


The Buddies Bump Box –medium is ideal for small and medium manufacturers or resellers who want to roll up to 34 cones simultaneously (98mm in size). They can also purchase a sleek bump box variation that can fill up to 34 king-size cones at once or the box that helps roll 34 counts of 1 ¼-sized cone at once.  

Plan ahead, stock up and use these handy wood machines to help accelerate your operations. Choose a Buddies Bump Box that fits your needs, and whether you need a small, large, or medium-sized one – we have it all. Buy now at the best prices – only from MJ Wholesale


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