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Chubby Gorilla Aviator XL

MJ Wholesale's collection of the Chubby Gorilla Aviator bottles is one of the finest, most durable, and effective ways to store your products. However, if you need 'more' – that is extra space than the regular, we recommend checking out our collection of the Chubby Gorilla Aviator XL containers.

Chubby Gorilla Aviator XL Containers

We carry the Aviator XL containers in distinct capacities, such as 7.5 oz and 18.5 oz. The Aviator XL containers stand out in not just their capacity but also their appearance. These beauties are ideal for storing and packaging flowers, concentrates, or liquids, making them perfect for dispensary and marijuana businesses.

We have an endless variety of the Chubby Gorilla Aviator XL containers. You can buy them in different combinations like clear body with black or white cap, opaque black body with black cap, opaque white body with white cap, amber body with black cap, matte black body with black cap, or translucent black body with black cap.


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