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Glass Rolling Tray

Glass rolling trays are always a popular bestseller at every smoke shop. If you, too, wish to stock up on some fantastic, classy glass rolling trays, you've come to the right place. With the most fantastic and most diverse selection of glass rolling trays, we offer some of the best brands to smoke shop owners.

MJ Wholesale is stoked to offer the trendy, vibrant, and high-quality OOZE "Candy Shop" Shatter-Resistant Glass Tray. It is perfect for adding to the collection of fine smoking accessories in your smoke shop. We feature other stylish OOZE trays, the Slime Carver, Kosmic Kraken, Invasion, Oozeville, Captain O, Tag, and Slime Logo, each featuring a mind-boggling, designer graphic that will transcend your customers to another universe! Its shatter-resistant glass ensures that even if your customers are accident-prone, they might still have the tray intact!   

Give your customers a sparkling clean, stylish surface to grind, portion, examine and pack their flowers. Land your next big sale with the V-syndicate- 420 Green Glass Rollin' Tray! It is perfect for beginners and cannabis connoisseurs alike, making rolling up a breeze. With its durable construction and vibrant green color, this tray will stand out in your smoke shop. The Pussy Vinyl Glass Rollin' Tray, 420 B&W Tray, Pound Bag glass tray, and the Pizza Glass Rolling Tray are some more remarkable trays from V-Syndicate that we offer. 

The Alien Ape print glass rolling tray kit comprises uniquely designed metal trays that come with a custom Alien Ape print and a matching magnetic lid. It includes two booklets of Afghan Hemp paper and a pack of Afghan Hemp wick as a bonus. Another unique glass tray you can stock upis the charismatic Cloud 9 Chameleon Glass Tray! Featuring eye-catching colors and a bold design, this tray is made to impress. Plus, with its unbeatable build quality, your customers will be able to enjoy a smooth and hassle-free session each time they roll.


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