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Labelmate Label Accessories

MJ Wholesale has a variety of Labelmate label accessories available in bulk quantities and at wholesale prices. We carry the Labelmate roller kit upgrade, adjustable paper guide, standard fin-style rewind shaft, outer guide flange, inner guide flange, locking bar, rewinder alignment plate, and unwinder alignment plate, to name a few.       

Roller Kit Upgrade: We carry the 8-inch and 10-inch roller kit upgrades that give the machine the ability to wind material widths up to 8 or 10 inches.

Rewinder and Unwinder Alignment Plates: MJ Wholesale carries a range of Unwinder and Rewinder alignment plates that go together with different models of EPSON printers. The puzzle piece side of these alignment plates can fit snugly against the base of the printer, while the ruler side of the plates fits against the unwinder or rewinder. These alignment plates help align your Labelmate Unwinder or Rewinder with the relevant EPSON printer they are designed for.

Outer and Inner Guides: Our Labelmate label accessories collection includes outer guides and inner guides that are designed for the chucks of various Labelmate Rewinders and Unwinders.

Preset Counters: MJ Wholesale has two distinct types of present counters for counting labels. One preset counter has a scaling feature and comes with an external halt cable. The other is a digital preset scaling counter to help count labels on Slitter or Rewinder combo units.


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