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Labelmate Label Core Chucks

MJ Wholesale carries Labelmate Label Core chucks in various diameters and shaft lengths, making it easy for you to select the best fit for your requirements. The Labelmate Label Core Chucks enable easy handling of rolls and make loading and unloading them super quick and effortless.

The Label Core Chucks are designed to grip the inside of the core at the time when the roll is wound. The knobs can be adjusted to expand or contract the chuck. Turning the knob clockwise will expand it, and turning the knob anticlockwise will contract it. They also allow effortless exchange of rolls without causing any damage to the material.We carry the mechanical core chuck in diameter of 3 inches in different lengths like 12.6 inches, 10.6 inches, and 8.6 inches. The mechanical core chuck with a diameter of 1.57 inches is available in lengths of 6.7 inches and 10.6 inches, and the chuck with a diameter of 4 inches is available in length of 6.7 inches.

The entire range of mechanical chucks we carry are made of anodized aluminum. These core chucks have a setscrew, press fit mounting that locks the chuck to the flat on the shaft.


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