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Labelmate Label Splicers

MJ Wholesale is proud to carry a collection of Labelmate Label Splicers that provide a turnkey package for splicing label rolls together. Label Splicers allow you to make a single large roll from multiple small rolls or change the label type during the production run.

Our collection includes the Labelmate Label Splicers as well as Off-line Slitting Packages to speed up your operations and achieve the label rolls as per your requirement. We carry Labelmate Label Splicers for 12-inch diameter rolls and 16-inch diameter rolls. The maximum width of labels can be 8 inches, and the core diameter can be 3 inches. These machines are composed of two independently controlled bi-directional CAT-3 Rewinders/Unwinders, along with a splicing table made of stainless steel. The Labelmate Label Splicers offer adjustable web tension control. These machines feature a digital counter that can stop the preset count. Both these Labelmate label splicers have bi-directional operation and offer variable speed control for smooth operations.


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