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Labelmate USA

Introduce convenience, ease of use, and maximum efficiency to your label handling operations with MJ Wholesale's vast collection of Labelmate USA products. Labelmate USA has been engineering top-quality equipment like Label Rewinders, Label Dispensers, Label Unwinders, Label Splicers, Label Counters, Label Matrix Removal Systems, Label Accessories, and Core Chucks since 1997. We carry all of these products from Labelmate in multiple variations, and vast quantities at the best prices.

All the products in our Labelmate collection consist of durable, low cost and heavy-duty equipment suitable for high-volume production environments. The entire collection of Labelmate consists of world-class, high-quality labeling equipment that includes their proprietary CAT (Constant Adjustable Torque) technology. Perfect for any label handling problem, the labelmate products are designed to offer maximum convenience and reliability to small and big business owners.

Labelmate products are the "Industry Standard" and are built to last a long time. Labelmate has its sales and manufacturing operations in Nevada, and its products are available in more than 70 countries around the world.


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