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Mav Glass

Wondering why you should stock up on the Mav Glass products? We'll tell you. Mav glass hand pipes, water pipes, and rigs are composed of thick borosilicate glass and finished with a professional gloss. Plus, they come with a thick and stable base for added peace of mind. Give your customers the best smoking experience with the comfort and durability of Mav Glass products

With its diamond-cut teeth, perfect for crushing herbs into a fine and even consistency – the Mav 4-Piece Grinder can be the next stylish and sleek addition to your customers' collection. The Mav Glass Gandalf Pipe is inspired by the great wizard himself and designed to provide a magical smoking experience to your customers. Its long stem and deep bowl are perfect for enjoying the herbs, while the carb hole ensures that each hit is nice and smooth. Keep this pipe on display at your storefront and watch as your customers fall in love with its magical style.

The Solar Bulb is a beautifully designed rig that comes in multiple color combinations. It's small but packs a powerful punch, with its two-hole perc to deliver those smooth hits. Your customers will love loading it up with their favorite flower or concentrate while watching the solar bulb do its thing.

MJ Wholesale is proud to feature a wide variety of Mav Glass products at the best wholesale prices for smoke shops that love to deliver nothing but the best to their customers.


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