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New Dispensary Supplies

Dispensaries and even other smoke shops and businesses want the hottest new items that smokers and consumers are after. Stay ahead of the curve and stocked up on the latest dispensary supplies that are selling like hotcakes.

Below, you'll see a variety of pipes, rolling trays, dab instruments, and anything else a smoker or stoner might need to elevate their smoking experience to the next level. Help your customers feel like they've reached the side of luxury without the hefty price tag that comes with it and browse through our dispensary supplies.

It takes more than flower to make a dispensary feel like the go-to shop for many consumers. Help them find all their supplies in one convenient location by stocking up on some of these valuable items. 

Imagine someone comes in to pick up some bud and you find out they don't have a grinder at home. Or, you find out they love rolling joints but they don't have a dedicated rolling tray. 

The personalization is limitless when it comes to adding additional supplies like the ones above to your dispensary or smoke shop! Make your business feel like home for your regulars and new customers alike with products that keep them coming back.


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