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With the Quik Wikk Smell Proof Backpack at MJ wholesale, your customers can carry their daily gear, accessories, and the good stuff wherever they go. Whether they are into treks, hikes, or just plain travel, the Quick Wikk backpack is a lightweight and durable solution to carrying their stuff discreetly. With cool variants available in camo, blue, and black colors, there are plenty of choices for your customers to choose from. 

If backpacks are not your customers' preferred choice, you can stock up on the Quik Wikk Smell Proof Shoulder bag, which is secured by a zip and is 100% smell proof. It is all-black and has the iconic Quik Wikk Logo and zipper head. 

Besides the range of bags from Quik Wikk, you can also stock up on the Quik Wikk Four Feet Mini Hemp Wick on a Spool. This Wick in the plastic spool is coated in beeswax and provides your customers a chemical-free way to light up quickly. Each piece consists of 4 feet of Wick and is a versatile replacement for a lighter. It gets rid of the butane taste when smoking and easily fits in the pocket. It's simple, eco-friendly, and a fantastic way to light up whenever required. MJ Wholesale has a stock of this cool Quikk Wikk Hemp Wick in several colors like white, pink, yellow, orange, and light blue. Stock up on the best products for your shop from MJ Wholesale before they get out of stock! 



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