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Roast & Toast

MJ Wholesale proudly presents an attractive range of Roast & Toast novelty ceramic bowls and mugs for your customers who love coffee or cannabis or both! Whether they're looking for a new way to enjoy their snacks or just want to add to their collection, your customers are sure to enjoy Roast n Toast's range of ceramic goodies. 

Roast & Toast Ceramic Munchies Bowl is a one-of-a-kind bowl loaded with an integrated pipe that allows your customers to pack their favorite herb and light up. It is microwave and dishwasher safe too! Add more fun and a trendy flair to your smoke shop with the Roast & Toast Ceramic Cow Bowl. This adorable cow bowl is perfect for holding cereal, munchies, or even ice cream. It makes a great addition to any smoking den.

If you're looking to stock up more fun, attractive, and high on utility accessories, look no further than the Roast & Toast Ceramic Ice Cream Bowl that resembles an actual ice cream cone with chocolate syrup dripping from the top. This fun and trendy bowl can hold up to 3 large scoops of ice cream. Roast & Toast offers the Ceramic Mug Pipe for the ultimate dry herb smoking experience with its fully functional pipe and mouthpiece. This handy dandy mug pipe is perfect for on-the-go smoking. The double-layer ceramic makes it smooth, sturdy, and perfect for 420 culture-themed events. 

Roast & Toast apothecary Glass Stash Jar with a vacuum-sealed lid is another fantastic offering from Roast & Toast. It is made up of glass and secured with a hinged glass lid. It keeps the contents fresh with its airtight locking gasket. Available in a set of 12 in a colorful display box, these beauties are a must-have in every smoke shop. So why wait? Add some trendy and fun products to your smoke shop with these eye-catching Roast & Toast accessories only from MJ Wholesale!


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