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SHARRB Cart Fillers

Vape Cart Filler Tool

A must-have addition to your lab. It's the perfect tool for transferring thick oil into cartridges, and it makes the whole process a breeze. To refill your oil cartridge, simply pour dense oil into the heating chamber and use the integrated cartridge filler to fill your new cart.

High-Quality Steel

We use a steel tube rather than plastic because steel is more heat-resistant and won't melt when running at high temperatures. Our cartridge filler won't affect the flavor of your oil like plastic can, so you can trust that every puff will taste as great as the first. Steel filling tubes are ideal for products with terpenes since plastic can degrade when exposed to these compounds.

Reduce the risk of being burned and work with any viscosity of oil with this elite cartridge filler from Sharrb. With an e-nail and temperature-controlled heating element, you can choose your temperature up to 194 degrees Fahrenheit! Designed to make your cart filling experience fast and efficient, this convenient device reduces the chance of getting oil on your hands or clothes while minimizing cross-contamination.

Accurate and Well-Designed

This device's compact size and low profile makes it easy to refill nearly any cartridge while keeping your hand steady. Its ergonomic design makes it comfortable to hold while filling your carts. The tip includes a practical lure lock hub that prevents fluid from leaking out of the end of the needle after attaching it to the syringe. With a 25 ml reservoir, the syringe of the cartridge filler adjusts from 0.5-2.5 ml shots for very accurate dosing. This allows you to fill your cartridges with 0.5ml increments.


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