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Sloppy Hippo

Sloppy Hippo is one of the trendiest brands in the modern cannabis accessories category. It is widely famous for its user-friendly, high quality, and well-designed smoking accessories. It has a vast range of products, kits, and accessories designed to suit your smoking needs.

MJ Wholesale has an inventory of the best Sloppy Hippo accessories that range from water pipes, hand glasses, hookahs, grinders, water bubblers to smoking pipes and even belt and duffle bags featuring the ‘Sloppy Hippo’ logo. No matter which Sloppy Hippo product you’re looking for, you can find it with us!

If you consider any product of the Sloppy Hippo brand, let’s say the hand glass; it looks simple but has multi-dimensional functions. The bowl provided at the end helps deposit your product. In the form of a small hole on the hand glass, the carburetor helps keep the smoke fresh, thus giving you a smooth smoking experience.

The inventory of Sloppy Hippo products at MJ Wholesale is always brimming with its latest offerings. If you’re into classy and well-designed smoking accessories, Sloppy Hippo is your best bet. Most products featured on MJ Wholesale adorn the classic and premium aqua blue color, which not only looks great on its own but also syncs with all other Sloppy Hippo products!

MJ Wholesale is more than happy to provide you with a platform where you can not only discover the latest Sloppy Hippo products but also order them while availing yourself of great deals and discounts.
The Sloppy Hippo product range is designed to be customer-friendly and provide a great smoking experience. MJ Wholesale has a similar thought process and wishes to make these unique Sloppy Hippo smoking accessories and products widely available to its customers in a bulk quantity!

Whether it is the Bambino Hookah, we have got you covered at MJ Wholesale. With the wholesale prices that we offer, people love to buy in bulk from us and keep a stock of their favorite goodies. Because who wants to run out of their favorite smoking accessory, right? At MJ wholesale, we strive to provide you the latest products of the best brands under one roof. 

Sloppy Hippo products have become easily accessible and might be available at every other convenience store. But before you set out to purchase your favorite Sloppy Hippo accessories from a local store, we highly recommend checking out the MJ Wholesale – Sloppy Hippo product category. Why? No. Not just because we have a massive variety of the latest Sloppy Hippo products! But also because the prices and deals we offer on our Sloppy Hippo range are tough to compete with! We’re a favorite with the Sloppy Hippo fans. You will find the lowest prices of your favorite Sloppy Hippo accessories only at MJ Wholesale. And, why run out and search for something when you can get it delivered at your doorstep, right? MJ Wholesale is delighted and proud to present you with the latest Sloppy Hippo products to smokers worldwide.


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