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MJ Wholesale proudly presents a range of Smokezilla products for dispensary and smoke shop owners (at the best prices). If you sell smoking accessories and haven’t stocked up on the fabulous Smokezilla goodies, you’re missing out. Smokezilla has the most trendy, multifunctional, and comprehensive collection of torches, ashtrays, lighters, grinders, cigarette savers, and more! 

Smokezilla’s vast collection of ashtrays cannot escape one’s eye. The Smokezilla Jumbo Glass Ash Tray is a hit with its trending designs. If your customers love gothic stuff, then don’t miss stocking up the different skull-shaped ashtray variations by Smokezilla. The Smokezilla Skull Glass Round Ash Tray and the 3D Sugar Skull Ash Tray are hard-to-miss smoking accessories that will send customers flocking inside your store. 

The Poly-Resin Skull Ashtray from Smokezilla is another masterpiece collectible that doubles up as an ashtray. The Smokezilla ShotGun Shell Bucket Ashtray is perfect for putting out ciggies and keeping out the odor and cigarette butts. 


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