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Space Posters

Curious about the mysteries and wonders of space? MJ Wholesale will take you on a cosmic journey through its unique collection of Space Posters. Our space-themed collection of posters is ideal for displaying the mystical beauty and wonders of the space in your space!  

Every poster in our collection is printed through UV ink on glossy poster paper. These space posters are designed to give onlookers a spectacular glimpse into scientific marvels and cosmic enigmas.

Feel the vastness and diverseness of the universe with our "Astronomical Shroom Poster." This poster gives a vibe like you're stepping into the universe of shrooms, making you feel the earthy magic in the universe. The multiple vibrant colors of shrooms with the astronaut exhibit the boundless creativity and the vastness of the universe. Our Space Dawg and Astronaut Chess posters are unique with unusual combinations yet feel endearing and relatable.

Do you wonder if one can play music in the space? Our unique "Space Tunes Poster" will tickle your imagination and transcend you into the wonderful and mysterious space as an astronaut. The unique combination of an astronaut playing the piano in space will bring space's musical and cosmic journey to life. Viewing our creative space posters, you will feel surrounded by the universe's wonders, grandeur, and graces. Countless stories and limitless imagination will surround you when you feel the universe through our amazing space posters in your spaces.


Pick the size 18" x 24" or 24" x 36", according to your walls, and get ready to levitate into the space with just a glance at the poster. Check out more of our space posters and get them framed or placed on walls to display your interest and curiosity about space. 

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