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At MJ Wholesale, we believe in helping you scale your business. Whether you are providing ground herbs, pre-rolls, cones, or any other cannabis products to your customers, managing it manually can get tedious after a point. We are proud to feature the STM machines on our website to make your operations fast, easy and scalable. 

STM Mini Rocketbox Plus facilitates the packing of 143 pre-rolls per cycle and up to 11,000 pre-rolls in a day! The STM Rocketbox 2.0 packs 453 pre-rolls in every cycle (just 60 seconds). A powerful combination of versatility and efficiency, the STM machines are the perfect solution for start-ups looking to decrease labor costs and processing time.  

The STM machines are made up of stainless steel and food-grade material with an adjustable top tray to regulate the fill volumes. It has a speedy and straightforward process and comes with a loading and unloading station.

What if you need to first grind the cannabis before packing them into cones? If you seek a solution to grind the coarse herb for your pre-rolls, go for the Mini-Revolution Grinder or the STM Revolution Grinder 2.0, perfect for achieving a homogenous and consistent grind. 


With speed control and blade selection option, you can get the grind you like. Non-noisy, and made up of food-grade stainless steel, this machine is durable and best for every type of commercial usage. With lesser terpene loss compared to the competitors, you can easily preserve the potency and quality of cannabis. The Mini Revolution Grinder fits easily in small production space, and you can easily clean it too. The STM Revolution Grinder 2.0 processes between 15 to 30 lb of dry flower per hour. 


With such a wide range of machinery, you can fast expand your customer base, product range, and services. And with MJ Wholesale, you get it all at the lowest prices possible!


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