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Terp Pearls

All cannabis enthusiasts know that terpenes vaporize at lower temperatures as compared to other substances in wax. To enjoy the original taste of the dabs, it is crucial to preserve its terpenes. But how does one do that? Say hello to terp pearls! Give your customers an extremely satisfying dabbing experience with the unique Terp Pearl Sets from MJ Wholesale

The Glow in the Dark Terp Pearl Kit is a 3-piece set that increases vapor production and enhances the flavor simultaneously. Also famous as dab beads or banger beads, the terp pearls spin towards the bottom of the banger while dabbing, which helps distribute the concentrate and heat evenly, resulting in maximum flavor and smooth dabs for the dabber.

The Dicro Terp Pearl Kit is composed of a unique marble design that is sure to attract your customers' attention. You can also opt for the Reversal Terp Pearl Kit to give your customers a variation. Those who love dabbing know that low-temperature dabs are smoother than high-temperature dabs. And to preserve the potent terpenes for a great flavor during the low temp dabs, terp pearls are crucial. 

Available at the lowest prices, in bulk quantities only on MJ Wholesale, you can stock up your smoke shop or dispensary with these terp pearls and become the go-to smoke shop for your customers. 


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