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 We use propane torches to heat & produce a large, consistent flame when consuming dabs. This unique way of smoking is called dabbing. It is dependent on heating the surface to the right temperature so as to fully dissolve the product upon contact. HGR provides many different sizes and styles of torches. If you can’t find it here, you won’t find it anywhere!

MJWholesale has a large stock of butane torches to fill your wholesale dispensary needs. 

We offer smaller options like the Newport Zero Side Small Rubber Torch, available in a convenient 12 count display set, as well as larger torches that are perfectly designed for dabbing and concentrate consumption. Check out our blog to ake sure your dispensary or headshop is offering everything consumers need to start dabbing, and find out why we believe torches to be superior to e-nails

Our low prices and bulk options makes stocking torches easy and affordable.


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