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Ugly House Products

The Ugly House LED rolling tray, available in purple, pink and white, is one of the best-selling items among the wide variety of Ugly House products on our website. Another popular item is the dab tool display from The Ugly House. The Dab tool display is an elaborate collection of five distinct dab tool designs and three units of each design, making it a total of 15 units. This means you can share the other two similar ones with your dab partners! The functionality, look, and design of these dab tools is fantastic, making them a must-have for every smoker. 

Other than the ones mentioned above, MJ Wholesale also has a stock of Stash Jars, silicone and glass ashtrays, dab kits, and much more from The Ugly House. MJ Wholesale believes that every smoker should have access to the best ashtrays. A good ashtray can give you a smooth smoking experience, with no worry of where the ash will fall. 

The premium silicone and glass ashtrays from The Ugly House are a combination of pretty and durable. The silicone protects the glass from shattering and gives it an attractive look, while the glass makes it easy to collect and clean the ash.  Every ashtray has three or more indents to hold your smoke when you need a break. 


The Ugly House products are so popular that you might find them at any local store around the corner. But the rate, range, and quality that we have at MJ Wholesale is unmatchable! Don’t believe us? We would love it if you take a tour of our website and explore the best Ugly House products we have. We are sure you would fill up your cart within minutes! 

We provide bulk quantities and wholesale rates so that you're never out of a rolling tray, dab tool, or even an ashtray when you are puffing. Plus, Ugly House products also make for the perfect gifts for your stoner friends because of their beautiful designs. Imagine your entire gang having the same ashtrays and dab tools. Not only will your friends love these items but would be happy to show them off. 

Their product range 'Sorry, we're stoned' and 'Don't kill my high' efficiently conveys the emotion and vibe of smokers worldwide! Needless to say, The Ugly House always stays on top of the trends and incorporates the latest techniques, functionality, and designs in its products. MJ Wholesale is proud to present the best offerings of The Ugly House at wholesale prices on its website to the smokers around the world.  



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