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Concentrate Containers Wax Dab Containers - People Also Ask (PAA)

What does wax mean?

  • Wax is a term used to describe many forms of cannabis concentrate. A common name for marijuana concentrates, wax can come in a variety of consistencies, colors, and cannabinoid quantities. Other names for wax are shatter, dabs, budder, honeycomb, honey, and honey oil, to name a few.

What does concentrate mean?

  • Cannabis concentrate is a highly potent extract from the cannabis plant. Typically, just the THC or the THC and the plant's minor cannabinoids are the only thing wiped from the plant, passed into an oil instead. This oil is a concentrated mass of mostly THC. Incredibly powerful, some liken a puff of concentrate to the equivalent of 10 or more joints all at once.

What does dab mean?

  • The act of taking a cannabis concentrate is a dab. Dabbing is simply taking a puff of the concentrate or wax. This is also how wax itself has taken on the name of "dabs," since they're what you take.

How does wax differ then flower?

  • Flower is just marijuana in its raw, flowered form. It's been harvested, cured, and it's ready to be used. You can either smoke it in this form, or extract wax from it and smoke that. Alternatively, you can extract the cannabinoids from the marijuana plant to make edibles.

How do you store wax?

  • Wax is typically easily stored in a concentrate container. These may be acrylic, glass, or silicone in material, each suited to keep the wax as potent and fresh as ever.

Is wax different than dab?

  • The terms are typically synonymous with each other at this point in the cannabis world.

Is wax more concentrated than flower?

  • Yes - flower are the buds you can smoke. Concentrate is the THC and other cannabinoids extracted from the plant to smoke in a purer substance.

How do you use wax?

  • There are a variety of ways you can consume wax, though most prefer to smoke or vape it. If you're smoking it, you can do this through a concentrate gathering tool or a standard dab rig with a dab nail.
  • Dab nails are generally either glass or an easily heated type of metal.
  • With a butane torch, you light the nail or end of the concentrate gathering tool for an appropriate period of time.
  • Some like to get the piece red-hot, while others stop as soon as it's hot enough to get a good hit.
  • If you do wait for it to be red-hot, you should wait at least a few seconds before indulging. Temperatures too hot cause you to inhale carcinogens with your cannabis, which can be avoided easily as lower temps.

Does wax go bad or expire?

  • Just like marijuana itself, wax and cannabis concentrate don't really have an expiration date. However, as soon as it's been extracted into a wax or oil form, the clock starts ticking on its potency. The sooner you consume it, the fresher it will be.
  • Make sure to leave your cannabis concentrate in a dark location away from the light, and not exposed to the air. Leaving it exposed to light or air can degrade its potency quickly. This is why we recommend concentrate containers so heavily. They can keep your wax at max potency for the longest period of time.


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