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Custom Printed Roll Labels

Marijuana Packaging roll labels Custom Printed

You can have your logos, message and images custom printed in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit many different products! Baggies, Jars, Pop Tops, and more! We print vibrant color on high gloss, high quality and very durable roll labels. These come in various shapes and sizes including; circles , squares and rectangles, to suit your packaging needs.

Get custom printed roll labels and add valuable branding to your marijuana packaging. Whether you are selling dry herb, concentrates, or edibles, each package will imprint your brand in your customers' minds.

MJ Wholesale prints high quality custom roll labels at affordable prices. Ranging from circles to squares and rectangles, MJ Wholesale roll labels are available in various dimensions like: 3" square, 4"x2" rectangle, 1.25" square, 1" square, and 1.375" diameter circles. Made and Printed in America, MJ Wholesale custom prints roll labels for all types of mylar bags, pop tops, blunt tubes, Qube jars, glass jars, lids, and bottoms. Get custom printed stickersfor your cannabis packaging with three simple steps. Upload, approve, and stick them up!

Simply call us and tell us your custom packaging requirements. We will advise what type and size of stickers will suit your packaging needs. MJ Wholesale helps you pick custom stickers' style, size, and shape. You send us your graphics or artwork via a digital file, and we show you a proof of how it will look. Once you approve the proof, we print the required stickers and deliver them to your doorstep! Ta-Dah! Your marijuana packaging is now customized for your brand!

Roll Labels for Mylar Bags

Square 3" x 3" labels fit great on the 1/8 Oz and 1 Gram Baggies.

Make your mylar bags visually appealing and brand rich by using MJ Wholesale custom Roll Labels on them. How do you do it? Simply upload your art, and see how we turn them into attractive Roll Labels for your mylar bags. Whether you use colored, opaque, or transparent mylar bags, MJ wholesale custom Roll Labels will add a colorful and attractive vibe to them. You can order custom quantities like 250, 500, 1000, 2000, 5000, or 10,000. Higher the quantity you order, the lower your per sticker cost becomes. Whether your requirement is for 1/8 Oz or 1 Gram Mylar bag, MJ Wholesale will print high quality, high gloss, vibrantly colored labels on plastic or paper as needed by you.

These labels will make your mylar bags so eye-catching that your marijuana will sell like hotcakes. Add your brand name, logo, message, or images according to your brand colors on the mylar bags to build your brand image and impress your customers. Choose from different sizes and shapes to customize your stickers the way you envision your brand. What's more, we also advise you on what looks best for your brand and what sizes work best. Simple, isn't it?

Stickers for Jars, Lids and Bottoms

These jars have a 1.375" circle, on the lid or on the bottom.

Dispensary owners selling concentrates might use jars of various sizes to store their concentrate. You can easily get custom stickers for your jars without compromising on the visibility of the concentrate for customers' viewing. How? Simple! Choose MJ Wholesale custom stickers for jar lids and jar bottoms. You can easily stick these on the lids and bottoms, as they are available in a circular shape. MJ wholesale provides a 1.125-inch circle for 5 mL Concentrate Jar Lids and 1.375-inch circle stickers for 7-9mL Concentrate Jar Lids or bottoms.

The MJ Wholesale stickers for jar lids and bottoms look so apt that they instantly make the jar look personalized for your brand. Available in varying quantities like 250, 500, 1000, 2000, 5000, and 10000, you can choose the quantity and style you like. Just share your brand name, logo, design, or artwork with us and get your bulk stickers printed within no time. You can also mention strain information, dosage, etc. if required. MJ Wholesale stickers are high definition, durable, glossy, high quality, superbly attractive, and can create curiosity among your customers when displayed on the store shelf.

3x3" & 4x2" Stickers For Pop Tops

4 in x 2 in for 19 Dram, 30 Dram, 60 Dram or 90 Dram.
3 in x 3 in for 60 Dram

Every cannabis business owner uses pop tops in varying dimensions for their packaging needs. But why not also utilize the body of the pop-top rather than keep it empty, plain, and boring? Instead, use that space for branding by sticking custom stickers by MJ Wholesale specially designed and printed for your pop tops. Just submit us your graphic, artwork, logo, message, or any other information you want on the sticker and get your high-quality stickers printed in bulk quantities. Make your pop tops so attractive with custom stickers that customers can recognize your products from afar too!

MJ Wholesale provides 3 x 3 inches, square-shaped stickers for 60 Dram pop tops. We also provide 4 x 2 inches rectangular stickers for 19 drams, 30 drams, 60 drams, and 90 drams pop tops. Any other custom size can be discussed too. You can buy these stickers in quantities of 250, 500, 1000, 2000, 5000, 10000, depending on your requirement: the higher the quantity you order, the lower per sticker price you pay. So, don't wait and let your pop tops speak for your brand with custom stickers. Choose MJ Wholesale custom stickers that you visualize, and we materialize!

Stickers for Blunt Tubes & Joint Tubes

The 4" x 2" rectangle is a good size for a Blunt Tube that is 109 size or larger.

Blunt tubes without colorful, attractive graphical stickers can look dull. Ensure that your blunt tubes attract the imagination of your prospective customers by using high-quality and brand-rich stickers. Just share your digital artwork, graphic, logo, message, or any other information, and we will convert that into physical stickers that you can use. We recommend the 4 x 2 inches rectangular sticker for blunt tubes that are 109 sizes or larger than that. Any other sticker dimensions can be discussed too. We also advise our customers on what type, size, and quantity will suit their marijuana packaging the best.

MJ Wholesale custom printed stickers are highly durable and are made of High Gloss White Polypropylene (BOPP). The stickers' high color definition and attention to detail will leave you wanting more for your products. Place an order for your stickers in quantities of 250, 500, 1000, 2000, 5000, 10000. Bigger the order, the lesser the per sticker price you pay. So don't wait. Stock up on custom stickers for your entire range of packaging, whether they're mylar bags, blunt tubes, glass jars, Qube jars, or anything under the sun!

we print labels, we supply joint tubes and we apply the label to join tubes at a discount

Have you ever had to apply stickers manually to blunt tubes? How long would it take to do 500? We estimated about 1-2 hours of manual labor. Why pay someone to put stickers on joint tubes when we can do it professionally at a fraction of the price! You even get a discount on the sticker! Check out how we apply stickers to join tubes!

Stickers for Qube Jars for Concentrate

1.25" Square for 9ml Qube Jar Lid or Bottom
1" Square for 5ml Qube Jar Lid or Bottom

Now make your Qube jars stand out with custom stickers for your brand. MJ Wholesale provides high-quality custom stickers that help you level up your branding. Just share the art, graphic, strain information, logo, message, or any other information you wish to get printed on your stickers, and we print them for you in bulk quantities at BEST prices. We offer square-shaped stickers with rounded corners for your Qube jars so that they fit the jar perfectly and don't have longer edges.

Use our custom stickers on your Qube concentrate containers without compromising on the visibility of your product. Stick them up at strategic places such as the top or the bottom of the container. MJ Wholesale custom stickers are durable, high quality, and glossy in appearance. They are sure to catch the eye of your customers and enhance your brand visibility at the same time. You can order bulk quantities of stickers in a lot of 250, 500, 1000, 2000, 5000, 10000—the higher the quantity of your order, the lesser the per piece price you pay.

So, How do I order?

Call an MJ Wholesale Sales Rep at 1-844-398-4463 to talk about your custom packaging needs. We can advise you on what kind and size stickers would suit you. When you call, our sales reps will be happy to assist you, and talk you through these steps:

  1. We will help you pick your stickers; kinds, sizes, shapes, and quantities.
  2. You order (and pay set up fee.)
  3. You email or electronically deliver to us your artwork in a digital file.
  4. We make a proof and show it to you.
  5. You approve the proof.
  6. We print and ship the stickers to you.
  7. Or if you prefer, you can order directly from our partner at Beast Branding