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Marijuana Smell Proof Jars - People Also Ask (PAA)

What does flower mean?

  • Flower is merely a term used for cannabis buds. Marijuana that's reached its flower stage will be cured and made ready for consuming. Because it's ready at its flower stage, people often refer to marijuana buds as flower. 

What does weed mean?

  • Weed is just another term, or slang, for marijuana. Cannabis, marijuana, weed, ganja, and flower are all synonyms for the same bud. 

How long can I store marijuana in a glass jar?

  • Technically, you can store marijuana in a glass jar or other storage container indefinitely, or, forever. Cannabis doesn't expire. It does, however, lessen in potency over time. The more frequently it's exposed to air or light, the faster it degrades.

Is storing marijuana better in a glass jar or Mylar bag?

  • Overall, storing cannabis in a glass jar or a Mylar bag are both much better options than storing it out in the open or in a thin plastic baggie (you know the ones).
  • However, when comparing the two, a glass jar usually reigns supreme. It's not static like plastic is, and it's not going to effect the taste of your weed like a metal container might. 

Should my marijuana jar be clear or opaque?

  • This depends on how often you can keep it out of light and away from the sun. If it's clear, it's likely not going to stop the light from degrading your cannabis. Opaque or solid colored containers provide a barrier in case you find yourself keeping it out in the open frequently. 

Are marijuana jars smell-proof?

  • Marijuana jars meant for cannabis storage are smell-proof, or odor-resistant to a degree. Stay aware of odor-resistant jars and the strength of the scent of strains you use in them.

What's the best way to keep marijuana fresh?

  • The best way to keep cannabis fresh is to simply seal it away. 

Are marijuana jars made out of glass or plastic?

  • Take your pick! If you look through our cannabis jars, you'll see both glass and plastic options. Both options have their benefits.

What kind of lid does a cannabis jar have?

  • Some marijuana jars will close with a screw-on lid, some will have a suction, airtight lid. Take a look through the jars we have to offer to see all the different options at your disposal.

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