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Mylar Bags, Pop Tops, Concentrate Cannabis Packaging Evolution

The cannabis packaging world has come as far as the flower and concentrate that’s being packaged. Innovative products have emerged on the market addressing a few important factors in packaging today’s top shelf bud. Factors like smell, varied sizes for sale and child proof systems, too.

Let’s dive into the world of packaging cannabis like flower and concentrate, and see how we have it all. 

First, let’s concentrate
From live resin and wax to delicious shatter and crumble, concentrates are packaged for optimal user ability. Meaning, it’s easy to get the precious product out of the container and into a pen or dab.

So, what’s the best option? Wide mouth glass, acrylic or silicone lined jars that keep the good stuff fresh and accessible, to spark up easily and taste as potent as when it first went in the container.

Mylar Bags Pop Tops Concentrate Cannabis Packaging Evolution

Glass containers are widely used by top shelf distributors. Coming in sizes of 5 ML - 9 ML, you can also choose between lid type or color, and even a frosted glass. Whether you choose a black or white top, the lids are ideal for branding and come in childproof options, too. 

Acrylic concentrate packaging has even more types to offer. With options serving up to 15 ML in size, the caps differ as well. This includes clear screw tops, or hinged pop-tops.

Silicone liners are growing in popularity due to their non-stick nature. As sticky as concentrates can get, this is key in maximizing the use of wax or resin, being contained. Here, we have silicone lined options in 5 ML and 7 ML, too. 

Don’t forget about shatter

Being the most delicate of concentrates, we can’t forget about shatter. Since the end product is glass-like in nature, it’s important to keep it protected while still being easy to access. 

More innovative than the standard parchment paper packaging you may have seen in the past, acrylic slim shatter containers are now trending in use. These flip top products are similar to SD card protective cases, and come in varied sizes. Securing the shatter your customers will be looking to break. 

Flower power 

Packaging flower, or buds and nugs, comes with just as many options. From Packaging flower, or buds and nugs, comes with just as many options. From big quantities , to small , available packaging products address keeping flower fresh and minimizing scent too. 

Mylar bags have been a popular choice, and come in white, black and/or clear options. From pre-rolls to ½ grams, all the way up to 1 full ounce, bags are versatile in sizing to say the least. The bags also have tamper evident, pinch and slide, or DymaPak child proof availability

In addition, we carry DymaPak brands to specifically address strict state compliance requirements.  And, Skunk Sack odor free bags, for customers looking to maximize their concealment or discretion. With over 7+ options of mylar style bags, we’ve got the power to package your flower. 

Mylar Bags available in:

Last, but not least 

Lastly, we can’t talk about packaging without addressing pop-top or screw top vials. Similar to old film canisters, you used to stealthily store your stash in. 

But pop-top and screw top vials have come along way since the old world of weed. Medical grade vial options have hit the scene, to maintain a pharmaceutical persona. Our options include sizes of 6 dram - 90 dram in over 10 different colors. And most are ASTM and CPSC child resistant certified, hence being medical in grade. 

Pop Top Drams available in:

We’ve got you covered 

We have your cannabis packaging needs, covered. From concentrate to flower, big or small - we have it all. Check out our cost-efficient and top quality packaging options for your cannabis wholesale products, today.