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Mj Wholesale vs Everybody: Why Shop With Detroit's Best!

1. True Wholesale Prices

When you shop with MJ Wholesale, you get every penny's worth. We offer TRUE wholesale prices, minus any frills or hidden charges.

With our TRUE wholesale prices, we aim to make it super-easy and affordable for retail outlets, head shop owners, dispensary owners, and smoke shop owners to shop with us in bulk every now and then.

2. No Tariff Changes

The prices you get at MJ Wholesale are so GOOD because MJ Wholesale does not levy any extra tariff on its products. We consistently ensure a ZERO tariff policy for our wholesale customers.

3. No Taxes

You can buy bulk from MJ wholesale without worrying about paying a long list of taxes over your orders. So go ahead, and buy your heart out because MJ Wholesale ensures that you don't have to pay unnecessary taxes for your orders.

4. Always Ships Same Day

Don't make your customers wait long durations anymore because, at MJ Wholesale, we have a same-day shipping policy. Yes, that's right. We ship your order the day you place it, ensuring it reaches you well in time! Say no to long waiting times and delayed shipping. Go MJ Wholesale and keep your inventory rolling just how you like it!

5. Largest Selection In The Country

MJ Wholesale is the #1 wholesale supplier for all things cannabis –mylar bags, pop top vials, rolling papers, concentrate containers, glass jars, dab rigs, bubblers, cones, cannabis-themed apparel, and accessories, to name a few.

Not only do we have an ever-growing, extensive collection of top-notch brands, but we also have a great variety of product range from each of those brands. Whether you're looking for packaging supplies, headshop supplies, hydroponics, processing, and handling supplies, you can get all of them under one roof – only at MJ Wholesale.

MJ Wholesale has a magical inventory that can keep your retail outlet brimming with the latest smoking accessories and equipment even while your customers shop with you all day!

6. Become A MJ Rewards Member

MJ Wholesale believes in giving back! We have something for everyone. So, when you shop with MJ Wholesale, you are not only stocking up your retail outlet, you can earn some fantastic rewards too.

This is how you do it - Become a member, earn points for different actions across our site, and voila! Win Rewards. Easy-peasy right?

*MJ Rewards Program may be changed, suspended or terminated at any time without notice. Points expire 6 Months from order date. Changes may include, among other things, modifying the amount of purchases required to qualify for the rewards, changing the Rewards percentages, imposing additional restrictions, or terminating MJ Rewards as a whole, including outstanding MJ Rewards points and existing coupon codes. MJ Wholesale reserves the right to interpret the MJ Rewards Program rules and policies in its sole discretion and will be the final authority on point credits and Rewards qualifications.

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