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Wholesale Dispensary Supply - People Also Ask (PAA)

Where do dispensaries buy bags?

  • A great place for dispensaries, smoke shops, and other businesses to buy wholesale bags is straight through our line at MJ Wholesale! We offer Mylar bags, odor-resistant and smell proof, child-resistant, and waterproof bags.

Where do dispensaries get pre-roll joints?

  • Some dispensaries pre-roll and tube the joints in-house while others may just purchase pre-rolls to sell. Pre-roll joints are a great option for those unfamiliar with rolling themselves.

Where can I find out if dispensaries are near me?

  • There are many online resources to find local dispensaries. Some dispensaries offer delivery cannabis services. Depending on state laws, some dispensaries are recreational whereas some have medicinal cannabis only. A simple internet search for 'cannabis dispensaries near me' should result in a great starting point. 

Where do dispensaries grow marijuana?

  • This massively depends on the dispensary. You should check with your local dispensary where they source their strains. Some dispensaries grow some strains themselves, while others do mostly importing.

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