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Wholesale Marijuana Farming, Processing & Dispensaries

Wholesale packaging in the marijuana world, is more than just sleek bags and compliant containers to home the goods of farmers or extractors. In fact, packaging and wholesale supplies are integral in the process from seed to sale, farms to dispensaries. For flower, and concentrates, alike. 

A whole new world (we aren't talking Aladdin)
Wholesale suppliers are a cost efficient necessity for cannabis growers, processors and dispensaries. Each category requires an ample amount of supplies, to ensure the final pot product is one that’s going to produce a high return on investment. 

And for anyone that’s involved in the industry, or has grown cannabis before - you know how much work and labor goes towards the final outcome or harvest. 

All-in-one packaging suppliers, like MJ Wholesale have these needs covered from start to finish, at lower wholesale costs. For bulky jobs like growing and processing cannabis, this is key to ensuring profits when costs like lights, electricity, equipment and nutrients can already be high.

From the farm or garden

First thing’s first, growing and harvesting cannabis can be a tough job. The plant is sticky, smelly and finicky in nature, meaning many farmers and growers have fine-tuned the tedious tasks. 

Specialized gloves, scissors and supplies can all address these common growing issues. But purchasing retail, or at specialized garden stores can be inflated in cost. This is where wholesale marijuana supplies can help growers looking to drive down their overhead costs. 

And MJ Wholesale has it all, in a variety of options too.From specifically designed shears and snips, to alcohol for cleaning resin covered trimmers, and more.

Wholesale Marijuana Farming Processing & Dispensaries

The Nose knows

Needless to say, harvesting cannabis is pungent in odor. In fact, many licensing bodies require growers to have odor controlling systems in place prior to approval. 

For personal or professional reasoning, dispensaries, growers and users all similarly look to knock out marijuana scents. And wholesale options are the best place to turn, for repeated indoor harvests or use. 

Odor control products like candles or odor eliminators like Ozium are essential to the growing game. We have scent centered products like sprays, sanitizers and gels at wholesale pricing that address this important need. 

Weigh it out  

Wholesale Marijuana Farming Processing & Dispensaries

Whether weighing out a final mass to provide to processors, or measuring weight for consumers at a dispensary counter...scales are vital to the full marijuana supply chain, too. 

No matter the size or intended use, a quality scale is important to final numbers. Calibration weights are often used as well, to further ensure proper measurements. While most retailers sell kitchen grade or postal scales, for a specialized industry like cannabis, you’ll want a scale fit to your growing needs. 

Which is why growers to processors and dispensaries are turning to wholesale marijuana suppliers, for a variety of scale options fit for the industry. Here at MJ Wholesale, we have over 50 options in varied sizes and brands. 

Wholesale Marijuana Farming Processing & Dispensaries

Processing matters

Like we previously discussed, harvesting cannabis to processing it, can be a sticky and intricate operation. Whether in a laboratory, or at home, necessary supplies include everything from vials to syringes, funnels, filling machines, capsules, only name a few! 

Other safety precautions should be taken during the processing stages, to again ensure compliance and quality of the final product. This includes hair nets, masks or even beard nets for your marijuana labor force. 

The processing and handling supply shopping can be daunting to say the least. Luckily, marijuana wholesale suppliers are addressing these needs with one-stop shops. MJ Wholesale carries all of the products discussed for processing, again, in a variety of options, as well. 

Money matters, too

Wholesale Marijuana Farming Processing & Dispensaries

Last, but certainly not least, is specific supplies for cash handling. In a specialized and start-up industry like marijuana, wholesale suppliers are addressing a need for safely handling the green fruits of their green labor. 

With the lack of stability in cannabis banking, cash is king in the business. Transactions occur from payouts to growers, processing contract sums and dispensary purchases, too. And, we don’t have to tell you why keeping that safe and properly accounted for, is key for the cannabis supply chain players. 

We have supplies to address securing, counting and tracking cash money needs. Counting machines, cash straps, transport bags and even general office supplies are available for purchase on our site, fit for any marijuana business. 

Supplies from farm to sale

If you’re new to the industry, or a veteran, you know how important supplies are to your final product and final dollar, too. Selecting a wholesale marijuana supplier from the start, will set your business on the right track towards profits in the end. Check out the top quality products MJ Wholesale has to offer and how they can improve the supply chain in growing, processing and selling.