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Lookah Ice Cream Dry Herb Vaporizer - Various Colors - (1 Count)

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Description for Lookah Ice Cream

The Ice Cream dry herb vaporizer is the first herb vaporizer from Lookah. It features a nano-black ceramic heating element for a purer taste.

Dry herb vaporizers are a smooth way to enjoy your plant products, such as tobacco, mullein, sage, mint, etc., without tearing up your throat.
Because you vape below combustion temperatures, there's no smoke and very little smell making it the subtle way to enjoy your herb when out and about.

The Ice Cream dry herb vaporizer pen has four preset temperatures ranging from 392F to 446F and has a preheat setting. The incremental temperature settings are denoted by an LED light and set by double-tapping the power button.

This conduction vaporizer allows you to vape your herb of choice and release all the flavanoids and terpenes without scorching the flower and ruining the flavor.

At just 115x35x38.2mm and weighing only 75g, it's easy to take almost anywhere for discrete vaping on the go. The 16.5x10mm chamber can hold enough material for a nice session, like smoking but with flavorsome vapor and no smoke. 
You'll enjoy dozens of flavorsome hits when the 950mAh battery is fully charged, which is easily done via the included micro USB lead.

The temperature settings:
Level 1:Green-392F ( GETTING STARTED: Low temperature with less vapor, plenty of terpenes and rich flavor, suitable for first hits on the fresh chamber of flower and flavor chasers)
Level 2: Blue-410F (LIGHTLY TOASTED: Good and smooth taste, slightly hotter vapor with a good level of release, pleasant and tasty)
Level 3: Purple-428F (HALF BAKED: Smooth and more robust vapor, slight flavor loss, suitable towards the end of a session, relaxing and deep)
Level 4: White-446F (FULLY BAKED: Maximum vapor production, but high terpenes and flavor depletion, maximum volatilization, suitable for experienced users or for when you want to really blast off)

How to use the Ice Cream Vaporizer

Before using, ensure the device is fully charged. To charge from 0 to 100% takes about 2-2.5 hours with the USB charging lead. The light will turn green when fully charged. 

Ensure the heating chamber is clean. If this is your first time using a brand new vaporizer, then cycle through the heat cycle at the highest temperature setting before loading your first lot of plant product.

  1. Grind your herb to a relatively fine consistency.
  2. Open the magnetic mouthpiece, load the herb into the nano-ceramic chamber. Do not overload the chamber.
  3. Press the button 5 times in 2 seconds to turn it on. 
  4.  Once turned on, the device will start to preheat to the set temperature. While heating up the LED will flash the corresponding color of the set temperature.

Level 1:Green-392F

Level 2: Blue-410F

Level 3: Purple-428F

Level 4: White-446F

You can cycle through each of the temperatures by pressing the power button once.

5. When the set temperature is reached, the device will vibrate, and the light will turn solid. 

6. You can now begin to take gentle puffs from the mouthpiece. 

7. The device will remain at the set temperature for 240 seconds, giving you 4 minutes of vaping time. 

After the herb decarbs, you will get more great hits. 

8) You can adjust the temperature to release and consume the different compounds and flavors from the same herb in subsequent cycles. 


In Box
1 Lookah Ice Cream Device
1 USB Cable
1 Dab Tool
1 User Manual

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
James Allshousr
Title is good

Works as it should. Great machine what it is supposed to do. My only suggestion is to not use PGR herb in it and itll taste like it was ment to.

Em Cee
Safer & Affordable Alternative to Smoking Herb

Affordable and super easy to use, this dry herb vape is a healthier option to regular smoking. Think of this as mini portable “volcano”. The design is clever and super simple to use. However, the vapor was a bit “funky” tasting — like a burnt hair smell. Not sure if it was an issue with the device, or the herbs, or the temperature? It would only turn that way after 1-3 initial hits were taken. The chamber that you load the herb into is pretty large — comparable to a small bowl. I loved the handy tool that fits into the bottom of the device, that you can use as a scraper or to stir the dry herb chamber. I also appreciated the handy magnet top that makes loading and emptying quick and easy. The instructions are
Printed VERY small and could be more detailed. I used YouTube reviews to learn how to use it instead. It’s got a very simple single button operation. Overall, for the price, this is a decent value for a light smoker looking for a healthier way to consume dry herb. However, I found it was only good to use for 1-3 hits per chamber load. Anything more than that, and the vapor takes on a burnt chemical taste that was not appealing. Also, the devices needed to be recharged frequently — usually after each use. Not the best experience. But for this very entry level price, I think I got what I paid for.

Brittany Cselle
Lookah Ice Cream Dry Herb Vaporizer

The lookah ice cream dry herb vaporizer is awesome! If you are wanting to use flower in a more discrete way, this is the product you want to get. Love it and will buy it again.


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