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What size joint or blunt tubes do I need?

A perfectly shaped joint is the desire of all stoners, whether they prefer a cigarette-style joint, prerolls, straight, or a classic cone joint. Here’s an interesting fact. Without a doubt, the product and the rolling paper matters a lot. But other than that, the joint or blunt tubes or preroll tubes too, play a crucial role in preserving the goodness of the joint itself and keeping it safe.

This makes it vital to store preroll and joint tubes in your dispensary, head shop, or smoke shop to cater well to your joint-loving customer base.

Let us have a glimpse into what exactly is blunt and joint.

What is a blunt?

Blunts are generally larger compared to joints. The main difference between a blunt and joint lies in the type of paper used. Blunts are rolled using thick and large tobacco papers, barring some organic exceptions. These exceptions include hemp wraps or blunt wraps that use banana leaves. Nowadays, blunt wraps are available in a variety of fruity flavors that are tobacco-free and chemical-free.

What is a joint?

Joints are more delicate and can be rolled using smaller and thinner papers with a built-in gum sealant. These papers burn quicker than blunt wraps and generally do not contain any nicotine content.

Smokers can either buy rolling papers to roll their joints or buy ready-made cones of that paper (prerolls). Prerolls are gaining much popularity because they eliminate the hassle of rolling and make things quicker for smokers, avid and beginners alike. The smokers just need to pack their flower, twist it, and voila, they can enjoy their smoke session within no time.

Coming back to preroll, joint or blunt tubes, let us see some important characteristics that every joint tube or preroll tube must have:

  • It should be child-resistant certified, and this is important to keep away it from the reach of children

  • It must possess a discreet appearance to avoid any unnecessary attention.

  • It must be handy and portable for convenience while traveling or logistics.

  • It should feature an air-tight cap and design to keep the contents fresh and safe.

  • It must be available in opaque, translucent, and transparent options to give customers a choice.

  • It should be odor resistant to avoid letting the smell of the product outside the tube.

After you have made sure the joint tubes have all the above characteristics, you need to decide the size of the joint tubes. There are different sizes of joint tubes or preroll tubes available in the market. This can make you wonder which ones you must stock up for your customers.

The standard diameter of most single joint preroll tubes is approximately 16mm. This gives the preroll space to fit in while being thin enough to fit inside a pocket easily at the same time. Some prevalent sizes of joint tubes used are 90 mm, 98 mm, and 116 mm.

Let’s have a look at the different sizes of joint or blunt tubes:

This particular size of the blunt tube can easily accommodate several kinds of tobacco joints, blunts, prerolls, swishers, pinners, fatties, and others. It is your best bet to fit most types and sizes of joints or prerolls. These tubes are generally available in black, white, and clear colors.

These tubes are perfect for holding blunts, custom cones, joints, or vape oil carts too. Their capacity can make them hold up to two prerolls per container, depending on the size of the preroll.

These joint tubes can also hold the 109mm pre-rolled cone, also called the king-size or one-gram joint. Most of the 116 mm joint tubes are opaque and colored to make them look discreet and trendy at the same time.

  • 114 mm Wide Preroll Tubes

These tubes, also known as doob tubes, can store joints, cones, blunts, and vape oil carts just like their counterparts. However, since they tend to have a wider build, they have the ability to hold a single large joint or multiple joints/blunts as required.

Like the 116mm tubes, the 98 mm J tubes are also helpful to package and store joints, cones, blunts, or vape oil carts. They can hold up to 1 full gram or two half-gram prerolls depending on the size of the prerolls. These tubes are available in conical shapes and also in different opaque colors other than just clear options.

98 mm Preroll tubes or joint tubes are considered mid-size storage solutions and perfect for those who think half a gram is small and king-size is a bit much.

  • 90 mm Joint Tubes

These tubes are best for storing 84 or 85 mm preroll cones or half a gram or ¾ gram prerolls. They are generally available in clear colors and are preferred in States where transparent prerolls are allowed for sale and consumption. They are fast gaining popularity due to their versatile usage.

  • 78mm Pre-Roll Littles Tubes

78 mm preroll tubes are apt for prerolls, flower, or even vape cartridges. They are also called littles tubes and can hold a half-gram preroll or a 510 vape oil cartridge. They are famously called littles tubes as they are perfect for storing smaller prerolls like the dogwalkers or littles.

Besides the sizes mentioned above, many other sizes are available in the market, and many more are upcoming slowly and steadily. However, the above mentioned are among the most popular preroll, joint or blunt tube sizes that most dispensary and head shop owners stock in their shops for their varied customer base.

At MJ Wholesale, you can buy from a wide variety of joint tubes available in different sizes and colors at the best wholesale prices. Other than joint tubes, you can also purchase from all kinds of smoking devices, rolling papers, and packaging supplies on our website.

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