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Dab Rigs: Exclusive water pipes for concentrates

 With the increasing legalization of marijuana, more and more people are trying out wax concentrates. Some are preferring it over dry herbs too. As the consumption of wax concentrate increases, it is important for your customers to know that these concentrates can't be smoked using a lighter. They require special equipment for effective usage.

Enter the Dab Rig. A water pipe that is specifically designed to handle the vaporization of wax and oil concentrates. But, wait a minute. Some customers might point out that they can use bongs to consume dry herbs as well as concentrate. However, you must explain to them that dab rigs are very different from bongs and enhance the smoker's experience.

Dab Rig vs. Bongs

The dab rig is designed in a very distinct matter. It allows the vapor to travel through the rig and cools it down before the smoker inhales it. The difference between a water pipe and a rig is that it comes along with a male joint in the stem, which goes straight up, making it parallel to the chamber of the oil rig.

Bongs are designed specifically for smoking dry herbs. Dab rigs come with dab nails or bangers attached, specifically designed to handle concentrates. The bangers have to be heated to high temperatures. Oil rigs, made of glass have a water filtration system to cool down the hot vapors. Dab rigs are also smaller and more intricately designed as compared to bongs.

If your customers are still not convinced about the versatility and exclusivity of the dab rigs, here are certain benefits that you can put out!

No Combustion

When dry herbs are being smoked, it is set on fire to turn it into smoke that can be inhaled. This process is called combustion, which is undesirable because of the adverse health effects it can have. However, while using a dab rig, the wax and oil concentrates are turned into vapors and not combusted, making it safer to inhale.

Quality over Quantity

Unlike dry herbs that require vast amounts of herb to be combusted for smoke, concentrates can produce a considerable amount of vapor without dabbing a massive chunk of concentrates. This is because concentrates are considered to be highly potent. For its size, the dab rigs provide much fuller and smoother hits as compared to bongs.

Also, the vaporization of concentrates provides much more flavorful hits. The dab rig is a tool specifically designed to extract the concentrate's flavor, thus it provides a much better taste and flavor than the bongs.

Lesser Smell

Most herbs have a very strong odor that tends to stay with the smoker via their clothes or hands. Concentrates have a milder odor in comparison and are more discreet when compared to the of dry herbs.

Easy Cleaning

Smokers don't have to worry about cleaning the ash, the ground-up herbs, and the bong residue. With a dab rig, the users can expect a build-up only inside the dab rig. Hence, reducing the cleaning efforts significantly.

Saves Money

When your customers use limited concentrate for the same effect as given by a big chunk of dry herbs, they can end up spending a lot less money in the long run. If you have customers who are regular smokers and want to cut their costs, you can advise them to switch to a dab rig.

Better Taste and Flavor

The best feature of the dab rig is the filtration and cooling system that helps tone down the harshness and heat of the smoke. This way, smokers can avoid the harsh smoke that they deal with when smoking a blunt or a joint. The clean water in the dab rig purifies and cleans every hit making it a purified and smooth experience for the smoker.

Tools to make Dabbing easier.

Depending on their requirement, smokers can use any or all of these tools to make dabbing easier. It will be worthwhile to understand the function of each of the following tools to give your customers tips to improve their dabbing sessions.

Dab tool

A dabber tool is used to help the smokers place their concentrate on the dab nail. As the nail is heated, it can be dangerous to use bare hands. These dabbers or dab tools are made of metals or glass. Their pointed tip allows the smokers to scoop the desired amount of concentrate and place it on the dab nail.

Dab Nail

Dab nail is that piece where the smoker loads the concentrate to vaporize it. It can be compared to the bowl that is fitted in the bong. There are electric nails and the normal ones that can be heated up using a butane or propane torch. After the nail has been heated well, the wax concentrates can be loaded onto the nail.

Dab Banger

A dab banger is also a type of dab nail which has a circular dish. It holds the wax concentrates safely due to its depth and higher walls. It can withstand high temperatures and help in the vaporizing of the concentrate. Typically, the bangers are made of materials such as quartz, titanium, and ceramic.


When using an e-nail, the smoker doesn't need to use a propane or butane torch to heat their dab nails. A separate unit heats the e-nail to the required temperature automatically. This makes the process of dabbing quicker and more efficient. If you don't possess an e-nail, a torch will be required to initiate the heating process.

Carb Cap

Carb cap an optional tool that can be used during dabbing to improve the smoking experience. It is used to maximize the airflow into the banger.

Selling dab rigs to your customers is an easy task when you know its usage, benefits, and different types available in the market. With MJ Wholesale as your wholesale partner, you can stock up the latest, most popular dab rigs and the tools required to make dabbing easier for your customers.

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