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Differences Between Glass, Titanium, and Ceramic Rig Nails

Nails are used in dab rigs and function similarly to bowls. A nail takes your concentrate oil, modifies it, and creates the vapor for you to inhale through your rig. Many forms of nails offer different experiences for the smoker. 

Differences Between Glass, Titanium, and Ceramic Rig Nails

The type of nail you should select depends on what will work for your rig, palate, and overall, the kind of dab experience you're seeking out. 

Nails come in different materials since specific styles perform better in different areas. Some nails do a better job retaining heat, while others enhance the flavor of your dab. 

This article is designed to inform readers on common types of nails and what each variety of nail can do for your dabbing experience. Our objective is to help you have a better idea of the kind of nail that's right for you when you've finished reading this blog.

Let's start off talking about rig design before we highlight some of the more popular nail types. 

Joint Size in Dab Rigs 

With all the different types of nails available on the market, you'll find a product that fits your rig. To find the right joint for your nail, you need to match the joint size with the nail as the joint allows the nail to slide in. 

It's important to match an opposite joint with your nail. If you have a male type of nail, you'll need to get a female joint, and vice-versa. Be aware that specific older fashioned nails do not contain male or female joints and feature a down sliding style of the stem. 

Now that we've emphasized how you should find the correct joint for your nail let's discuss nail variety. 

Titanium Nails

Ever since modern dab techniques became popularized around 2005, titanium nails have been on the scene. The reasons titanium nails continue to stand firm in the dabbing community are their ability to supply consistency and durability for the user. 

Dab enthusiasts prefer to use torches in combination with titanium nails to accelerate the heating process. Most titanium nails can retain proper heat levels for 20-40 seconds after the torch is applied so the user can inhale the created vapor. 

While dabbers love titanium nails, there are some downsides to this variety of nail. When purchasing a titanium nail, it's a requirement that the buyer selects a grade A titanium nail to ensure that nothing dangerous transpires as the nail will be exposed to high temperatures over time. When we talk about danger, we're referring to toxic byproducts being created. 

The other main downside of titanium nails is they tend to reduce the flavor you receive from a dab. 

Ceramic nails 

Up next, we have ceramic nails. While titanium nails heat up faster than ceramic nails, they retain heat for smaller amounts of time than ceramic nails. Dabbers who utilize ceramic nails can expect to maintain proper heat temperatures for over a minute compared to the 20-40 second window of titanium nails. 

For those looking to have a dab session with friends or dab in a colder environment, ceramic nails are a good fit. 

The downsides of ceramic nails include their fragility as they can shatter if dropped on a hard surface. Similar to Titanium nails, ceramic nails don't boost the flavor profile of a dab. While ceramic nails don't bring out the full flavor of a dab, they are slightly better in the realm of taste over titanium nails. 

Let's jump to the final nail that we'll be covering. 

Glass Nails 

People love glass nails because they're cheap and easily replaceable. While glass might be reasonably priced, the downside is that it doesn't last long as a material. Cracking a glass nail can be frustrating as other nail materials such as titanium provide more durability. 

Glass is excellent at insulating heat, but it doesn't retain heat well. Beginner level dabbers might have more difficulty heating the glass until it's hot, and then quickly vaporizing the dab before it has cooled down. 

MJ Wholesale's Recommendation 

Through covering three of the most popular types of rig nails, we've learned that there are pros and cons for glass, titanium, and ceramic nails. What it comes down to is what benefits you're looking for, specifically in a nail. 

For a universal recommendation, MJ Wholesale recommends titanium nails due to their durability and ability to heat quickly. 

Whether you're looking for rigs, torches, or other general concentrate products, MJ Wholesale offers an extensive directory of low wholesale priced dab supplies for your dispensary or headshop. 

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