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Child-Resistant vs. Non-Resistant

With the continual growth of marijuana legalization, it’s only natural that the cannabis packaging industry has expanded. Dispensaries, growing, and processing facilities all need a wide selection of packaging to suit their specific production and sales needs. 

That’s where MJ Wholesale comes in. 

Before we highlight some of the quality and professional packaging products that MJ Wholesale provides, let’s explore one of the essential comparisons in cannabis packaging today:

Child-resistant packaging vs. non-resistant packaging. 

Child-Resistant vs. Non-Resistant


Non-resistant packaging refers to cannabis packaging that can be more easily opened by a child under the age of 5 years. 

It’s not hard to see how non-resistant marijuana packaging can pose an issue for young children. 

When a dispensary makes a sale, chances are the person who purchased the product will store the packaged product in their home. If a child were to stumble across some non-resistant packaging, there’s a chance they could open and unknowingly consume products such as edibles that might look like normal foods. 

JAMA Network reports that between 2009 and 2015, there were 163 marijuana exposure cases for pediatric patients under the age of 10 in Colorado. This statistic is worth noting in the argument for the utilization of child-resistant marijuana packaging. 

Statistics such as the one previously mentioned from the JAMA network show why child-resistant packaging has become a legal requirement for dispensaries in many states.


MJ Wholesale is proud to provide a wide selection of child-resistant Mylar packaging options so your dispensary can be state compliant. 

Do you have a preference when it comes to styles of child-resistant packaging? 

MJ Wholesale has you covered with the following options:

Individual states require marijuana products to be concealed in addition to being present within child-resistant packaging during a sale. Selecting one of our opaque Mylar bags helps your business be state compliant on both ends. 

How Child-Resistant Packaging Works

While child-resistant methods such as push and pop bottle tops have remained popular over the years, the growth of the marijuana industry in recent years has led to a renaissance regarding child-resistant packaging design. 

A big reason why there’s been an explosion of creativity regarding child-resistant packaging design is the marijuana industry’s need to package-specific types of products efficiently. These products include edibles, concentrates, and more. As the industry has grown, packaging has evolved. 

MJ Wholesale specializes in providing an excellent selection of child-safe Mylar bags for discreet and long-lasting storage. A typical child-safe Mylar bag contains a tear-off strip at the top with a tight heat seal that can be accessed via a grip n’ pull method and resealed when needed.

The tight seal that child-resistant packaging presents helps to reduce any odor emission from products that may hinder discretion when storing cannabis products. 

If you want to gain more information on what size child-safe Mylar bags are right for your business, check out our blog post, ‘What Size Mylar Bag Do I Need?’ for proper guidance of size selection. 

While selecting the right cannabis packaging for your business may seem like a daunting task, MJ Wholesale is here to assist by presenting an organized inventory with background information on each type of product to help you find packaging that meets your needs. 

Stay up to date with state-compliant laws through the use of our child-resistant packaging products.
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