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Differences in Rolling Paper

With the massive number of rolling paper varieties and companies on the market today, it’s not a big surprise that some papers contain different types of material. 

Businesses should be aware of the differences in rolling paper as each variety provides a unique smoking experience. Smokers have different tastes, and MJ Wholesale is here to offer a wide selection of rolling papers to satisfy every type of smoker. 

Let’s dive into the makeup of different rolling papers. 

Bleached vs. Unbleached Rolling Paper

Differences in Rolling Paper

Bleached rolling papers result in the paper burning at a slower rate while containing a white appearance. 

But guess what? 

Bleached rolling papers are actually proven to be harmful to your health due to the fact that chemicals such as chlorine and calcium carbonate are applied to the paper during production.

Unbleached papers are made with natural ingredients. The healthiest combination is to select an unbleached paper that’s thin. The thinner the paper, the less smoke you’re inhaling. A couple of additional perks associated with using unbleached papers is a reduction in smell and aftertaste. 

The chemicals present in bleached rolling paper create a noticeable aftertaste for the smoker and smell for those around the smoker. 

It’s no wonder that natural hemp papers such as RAW are dominating the paper market today. Smokers recognize the benefits of using unbleached papers now that they have more options available. 

Rice Rolling Paper

Most rice papers are manufactured using all-natural ingredients with rice as the main or only ingredient. Rice papers tend to be thinner than papers such as bleached papers, which is suitable for the smoker since less paper is being inhaled. As mentioned earlier in the article, the thinner the paper, the less harsh the smoking experience.  

While a thinner paper is easier on a smoker’s lungs, there are some drawbacks. 

The downside of a thinner paper is they tend to require slightly more effort to roll. Thin papers tend to be more vulnerable to weather elements such as rain, so it’s probably best to skip the rice papers if it’s raining outside. 

Organic Rolling Papers

Even though organic papers can refer to rice papers, most of the time, paper enthusiasts are referring to natural papers made from hemp

Hemp has made a comeback in the last 25 years and has led to the explosion of hemp-based paper companies such as RAW. We touched on the nature of bleached papers earlier in the article and how they contain chemicals used to slow the paper’s burning. 

Organic papers contain zero chemicals for a healthier, less harsh tasting and smelling smoke. 

Some companies, such as elements, produce papers that can be labeled as organic due to their natural ingredients of rice and sugar to create a burn with no ash. 

Classic Rolling Papers

Classic rolling papers refer to standard sizes of rolling papers that measure 1 ¼ inch. The name classics comes from the fact that 1 ¼ inch rolling papers were the standard rolling paper size offered hundreds of years ago. 

Since the inception of 1 ¼ inch papers, there has been a rolling paper renaissance with various styles and materials offered for smokers. 

Popular Paper Brands and Their Offerings 

Now that we’ve given an overview regarding the differences in rolling papers, it’s time for a rundown of the top three rolling paper brands on the market today, along with which category of paper they’re associated with.  


Raw is one of, if not the most dominating rolling paper company on the market today. Fans of Raw love the fact that these papers are made from organic hemp and are free of chemicals from bleaching. The results of rolling with Raw are a better flavor along with a light smell when burning.

MJ Wholesale makes products from RAW readily available to buy in bulk at low wholesale prices in a variety of sizes and styles. Stock up your dispensary or head shop with these fan favorites and appeal to smokers everywhere. 


What makes elements unique is the specific ingredients they manufacture their papers with to create a burn with zero ash. Elements paper utilize earth-friendly materials such as rice and sugar and combine those ingredients with a criss-cross imprint on the paper to create a smooth burning product. 

Elements ultra-thin papers are an excellent choice for smokers wanting to skip over bleached papers and enjoy a paper that burns smoothly with reduced ash levels. 

Consider purchasing a set of Elements signature rolling machines with a bulk order of Elements papers to supply your customers with classic rolling supplies. 


Futurola is one of the most innovative companies when it comes to supplying rolling papers and devices. Founded in Amsterdam in the 1990s, Futurola’s two founders were disappointed with the quality of rolling products available on the market.  

Instead of settling for average products, the two founders of Futurola set off to France and found a high quality rolling paper made using organic arabic gum from the acacia tree. 

Still a family-owned business, Futurola continues to turn heads with their thin, high-quality rolling papers in addition to their innovative rolling devices

We’ve learned that the type of rolling paper you select does make a difference in your smoking experience.

Rolling with unbleached, organic papers is the healthiest option and provides a smoother smoking experience. Companies such as Elements and Futurola continue to deliver innovative rolling papers that reduce ash and use natural ingredients such as rice and sugar. 

MJ Wholesale is proud to be your one-stop-shop for high-quality rolling papers. We provide big name brands at low wholesale prices so your business can thrive. 

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