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How to Choose the Best Rolling Tray Size

Finding the Best Rolling Tray Size for Your Needs

Rolling with a rolling tray is a mainstay for some users in the cannabis community. While the act of rolling cannabis with paper is reasonably recent, it’s become a part of the mainstream, so it’s certainly here to stay. 

Now, in fact, it’s typical to see rolling trays in not just dispensaries and smoke shops, but just as abundantly in gas stations and corner stores. While the small-to-medium trays are the most common sold, there’s a plethora of other tray sizes available. 

One larger or one even smaller might fit your needs better than the rolling trays you find at your local gas station. We here at MJ Wholesale make it a point to keep out inventory stocked on all rolling tray sizes so you can always take your pick. In fact, we make it easy to navigate through different tray sizes using different categories:

But what defines the difference of each rolling tray size? Today, we’re going to dive into the differences between each rolling tray size and what each size is best used for. Together, we can help you find out the best rolling tray size for your own routine and consumption.

Each size rolling tray has a different reason for stepping into the spotlight, so let’s dive into what they’re best for. From there, you can break down which might be best for your own needs.

Small Rolling Trays 

Perfect for travel and keeping things more conspicuous

Small rolling trays put a lot of effort into a small product. The variety of gorgeous designs, animations, and graphics across each one makes them fun to collect. 

Many consumers also find the small rolling tray works better in their hands for daily use than the bigger ones. They’re perfect for more intimate smoke sessions, especially if you prefer rolling joints to blunts. They may also be more ideal for nimble, experienced rollers. 

Likewise, they’re perfect for those that might have to keep a more stealth profile about their habits. Small rolling trays make putting evidence up and out of sight easy and quick.

Generally, small rolling trays range in size, but will be no larger than 11 inches by 7 inches. In fact, some rolling trays have medium sized versions that start at 10.5 inches by 6.25 inches. Anything bigger than those dimensions are typically upgraded to the medium rolling tray status. 

There’s not a strict rule for where small sizes stop and medium sizes start so it can vary by tray. The most common sizes for small rolling trays, however, are variations of 7 to 7.5 inch by 5 to 5.5 inch trays. 

Medium Rolling Trays

Most often preferred for standard, or even daily use

Our wide selection of rolling tray shapes, characters, and images is shown off clearly with our medium sizes rolling trays. While some consistent consumers prefer small, others still use or prefer medium. 

Even more experienced rollers sometimes feel more comfortable with a medium rolling tray over a smaller, since it gives them more room to work with. The curved edges and high sides of most of our mediums doesn’t hurt, either.

Where the small rolling tray sizes stop, the mediums start, so the average medium rolling tray is 11 inches by 7.5 inches. 

As we mentioned with the small rolling trays, there is some obscurity for where the size for medium rolling trays start, so there are some that may fall below these dimensions. A Grand “Dank” Auto metal rolling tray rolled out on the MJ Wholesale platform, for example, has a medium sized version that’s 10.5 inches by 6.25 inches.

Many people stick with medium rolling trays because of the versatility. Though the small rolling tray may be less conspicuous, mediums do still make it easy to put things up quickly and efficiently. Depending on the size of your medium rolling tray, you can fit all the products you use to roll neatly on top of it.

Large Rolling Trays

Great to pull out at parties or larger gatherings

Finally, for the connoisseurs of the cannabis craft, large rolling trays can definitely make an impression. They’re perfect for rolling out (no pun intended) at parties or large gatherings. Or, if you’re just one that prefers more of a void of extra space on your tray, large might be more for you as well.

Large enough to fit all your possible smoke supplies, things can even start to get heavy with the tray if you put too much on it at one. In a word - proceed with caution if you’re going to keep all your smoke supplies on the tray.

They can vary in size, like The Higher Society large green rolling tray we have at 13 ⅜ inches by 10 ⅞ inches. Then there are others, like the cephalopod OCB Rolling Tray, at 14 inches by 11 inches. 

Still, others, like the Natural XXL Rolling Tray from RAW, is a whopping 20 inches by 15 inches. Fortunately, it appears the consumers buying such large trays get full functionality and utilization from them. Depending on your needs, large rolling trays might be more your speed.

MJ Wholesale’s Rolling Trays

MJ Wholesale strives to be the number one choice for head shops, dispensaries, and other stores across the nation. Even for personal customers, our sister retail store, Next Level, allows us to cater to every user. Our rolling tray inventory is diverse, unique and affordable, and we’re confident about the quality we provide.

You can even rep your favorite brands when we partner with reliable companies like RAW, or explore other pop culture designs. We try to make every size possible accessible across different designs.

Know which size rolling tray is the right one for you? We hope with our guide today, you were able to learn more about the difference in each size. From there, take some time to decide which might be the most ideal rolling tray size for you. 

Do you prefer one you can take on the go or hide at a moment’s notice? Or maybe one more large and in charge that always serves as a good icebreaker for parties? Whatever size is right for your consumption needs, we have the rolling tray for you. 

Should You Get a Rolling Tray?

Rolling trays simplify the rolling process - it’s as easy as that. Do you roll when you consume cannabis or even hemp? How often do you roll; do you use any other smoking method?

Even if rolling isn’t your most commonly used smoking method, it never hurts to have a rolling tray on hand. Using other smoke methods because you’re just not that good at rolling? There are rolling machines that can help do the work for you. 

Even the inexperienced or unskilled rollers can look like experts with the right rolling equipment. A tray cohesively helps bring everything together.

MJ Wholesale is proud to bring you rolling trays and other accessories that you can use to have full control of your session. Put more power in your own hands by getting you the tools you need to make your or your customers’ next smoke session even better.

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