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Marijuana Packaging – Flower, Concentrates, Pre-Rolls and Edibles

Cannabis products are available in several forms. Each form varies in its utility and effects. The consistent evolution of marijuana products has resulted in an exponential demand for marijuana packaging too. 

Whether it is in the form of a concentrate or flower, you need to store and pack your marijuana carefully. It is best to use suitable marijuana packaging according to the usage and nature of your CBD product.

Your packaging need also depends on the kind of facility you own. A processing facility will have different packaging requirements compared to a growing facility. And a growing facility will have different needs compared to a dispensary.

Let's look at four different types of marijuana packaging depending on the cannabis product.

  • Flower Packaging
  • When you use standard packaging for your flower products, it can harm the product and have an adverse impact on the effect it provides.  You must use appropriate flower packaging for the best results. For fragile flower products, high-quality packaging is crucial. 

    These are the most popular marijuana packaging options for flower products:

  • Mylar Bags
  • Mylar bags are a preferred choice because they are lightweight yet durable. They have a resealable design that is sure to keep your flower products fresh.  If you wish to keep your flower products discreet, you can also opt for opaque mylar bags.  Mylar bags are a child-resistant packaging option for your flower products. 

    You can choose mylar bags of any size as per your requirement. They are available in sizes as small as half a gram, 1 gram to 1 oz, and are available in larger sizes too. The larger sizes are more suitable for growers and processors.  

  • Pop Top Tubes
  • Other than mylar bags, pop-top tubes serve as a popular option for flower packaging. Pop-Top tubes are the modern packaging option for joints and blunts. Extremely easy to use, they can be popped open by squeezing either side of the tube.  

    They are available in a number of colors. You can also purchase pop-top tubes that are discreet due to their opaqueness.  These child-resistant pop-top tubes are travel-friendly and resealable, thus securing the product while retaining its freshness. 

  • Dram Vials
  • Dram containers are the best choice when you have loose flower products to store or pack. Dram containers are available in a number of sizes like 6-dram, 13-dram, 19-dram, 30-dram, 60-dram, 90 drams. They are child-resistant and opaque like their counterparts. 

  • Glass & Plastic Jars
  • A dispensary needs to display its products well to attract customers. Jars are one of the best choices to display flower products in a retail space, also for the long-term storage of flower. Glass or plastic jars serve as the best option as display pieces for your flower products. 

    Plastic PET jars can serve as reliable marijuana packaging for growers or processors to transport their bulk products safely and securely. Glass jars can boost the display aesthetic of flower products in a dispensary.  Flower jars are available in a vast range of sizes that range from 1 to 11+ oz. 

  • Pre-Roll Packaging
  • Modern smokers enjoy pre-rolls primarily because most of them love smoking joints but have difficulty rolling the perfect joint! And also, don't want to waste a minute rolling when they can smoke during that time.

    They are also gaining popularity because passing a pre-roll around is very convenient. Other than this, pre-rolls pack a substantial quantity of flower in it so you won't feel the shortage of hits.  Another advantage of a pre-roll is that the smoker can consume a part of the pre-roll and then put it back in the protective packaging to finish it later. 

    With the massive spike in demand for pre-rolls, dispensaries need to stock up on the pre-roll packaging to serve their customers. 

  • Pre-roll Mylar Bags
  • Mylar bags are really hot in the marijuana packaging market. Mylar bags are available for pre-roll packaging too. Most of them are opaque to ensure discreetness. Some other types are transparent on one side and opaque on the other to boost visibility. As you already know, mylar bags are resealable, so you can smoke, rest, smoke and rest – as needed! 

  • Pre-Roll Pop Top Tubes
  • Pop Top tubes available in several color options lend a distinct aesthetic value to your pre-roll packaging. These child-resistant and easy-to-use, blunt or pre-roll joint tubes can package your pre-roll joints securely.

  • Concentrate Packaging
  • Concentrate is really popular among modern smokers. This is because it isolates the most precious components of marijuana, such as cannabinoids and terpenes.

     The best part about these active cannabinoid-rich concentrates is that they don't require heat to give out their effect. Concentrate is available in the market in a variety of formats and colors. Other popular names of concentrates are Tinctures, Sauce and Shatter.

    These concentrates require effective packaging because they tend to be highly sticky. Some of the best options include glass jars and silicone dab containers. Silicone dab containers are more effective because less wax is lost due to their non-stick nature. Silicone ashtrays, dab tools, and concentrate containers can be used for concentrate storage and packaging. 

    1. Edible Packaging

    If edibles are not stored or packaged correctly, they can rot, let out a smell and cause a mess! This is where edible packaging comes into the picture. Edible packaging is designed to keep any product such as flower, food, or any kind of edible secure. 

    You can store any edibles such as candies, spices, herbs in edible packaging. Mylar bags are made of metalized plastic and are perfect examples of edible packaging. They protect the contents from getting exposed to sunlight, moisture, and air. This keeps your edibles safe and fresh.

     Mylar bags not only serve as a long-term solution for edible packaging but can significantly extend the shelf life of edible products. They are light and durable, making them a popular option to store any kind of edible product. 

    Whether you are a grower, processor, or dispensary owner, you will require high-quality marijuana packaging material for storage, transportation, and display of your product. MJ Wholesale has the best range of marijuana packaging that can store a variety of cannabis products according to their utility.
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