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Six Factors to Consider when choosing a Glass Pipe

Chances are that a major part of your customer base consists of newbies in the smoking circuit. They might be confused about what they must buy when it comes to their smoking pipes. They might seek your expert recommendations to purchase their pipe! You can come up with the best advice for them depending on certain factors and also stock up the relevant smoking pipes for your smoke shop.

glass pipe
3.5" Premium Hand Pipe

Here are a few things that your customers can consider before choosing the best smoking pipe:

  1. The Money Consideration

The basic rule that any person follows is to buy the absolute best product within one’s budget. Assuming that your customer is mandatorily seeking a cheap or a pricey smoking pipe can result in a wrong recommendation from your end.

As you already must know, smoking glass pipes are readily available in a large price range from less than $20 to more than $1000, with each price range accommodating plenty of dependable, well-built smoking pipes. Always recommend the best value smoking pipe according to your customer's budget, skills, and taste.

  1. Design Consideration (Size, Thickness & Shape)

The size and shape of the smoking pipe you must recommend depends largely on the usage of the smoker. For example, a more significant, stylish piece will work best for smokers who will place their smoking glass pipe in a fixed location. On the other hand, you can recommend a relatively smaller and portable pipe if the smoker prefers comfort and convenience.

The thickness of the glass is also a crucial aspect when choosing the glass pipe. Thin pieces can crack easily. Many customers might be more comfortable with thick glass pieces. The thickness of the glass pipe grants weight to it and makes it easier to handle and use. The glass thickness of most pipes’ ranges between 1mm to 9mm. Customers might prefer glass pipes with glass that is closer to the 9mm thickness.

  1. The 'Look, Feel and Appeal' Factor

Many beginners might want to browse through as many smoking pipes as possible. (That's why it is essential to stock a variety of colorful and distinctly designed pipes) Looking, touching, and feeling more and more pipes will undoubtedly paint a clear picture in their head and help them finalize the one they wish to take home.

It is also important to note that money, mechanical, and the 'look and feel' factors might not hold any weightage if the smoking glass pipe does not appeal to the customer.

  1. The Quality Factor

The quality factor is of prime importance when it comes to choosing a versatile glass pipe. Borosilicate and Quartz glass pipes provide the best quality and durability.

The customer might want to inspect the glass pipe for any bubbles or scratches. Although some of these are not abnormal, glass pipes with too many scratches can be a mark of low quality. This can cause it to break quicker. Clean joint welds (without any bubbles) are a mark of high-quality glass pipe too. Your customers might want to have a look and ensure that the glass pipe is perfect!

  1. The Cleaning Factor

Many customers might prefer low-maintenance, quickly cleanable glass pipes. This not only makes the glass pipes convenient but also helps the smoker get the most smoke. The cleaning process and its ease depends a lot on the design of the bowl in the glass pipe. To achieve an easy and quick cleaning process, it is essential to avoid pipes that have tiny carbs, holes, and mouthpieces, which can get very difficult to clean. It can be tough to clear any blockage from the pipes.

  1. The Usage Factor

A lot depends on the usage of your customer. What might be right for one customer might be entirely unsuitable for the other customer! If your customer is outdoorsy and wants a light glass pipe, then a tiny and thick glass piece will be the ideal choice for them.

If your customers use the glass pipe primarily at their homes, then a bubbler might be a good idea. Some customers who like to have joint smoking sessions might want to show off their glass pipes, and that's where a funky Sherlock or Gandalf pipe can fit the bill.

Similarly, if your customer is a beginner, they can opt for a 5-inch hand pipe, whereas if your customer is a frequent smoker who likes huge rips, they might want an elaborate glass piece.

These were some crucial factors that your customers might want to consider before purchasing their hand pipes. Here are some essential things that your customers might want to avoid too!

  • Sealed Finishes

Many manufacturers use finishing practices that enables a lasting shine on their pieces for a longer period. However, sealed finishes or varnished finishes should be avoided as they may tend to bubble or flake.

  • Metal Filters

The inlays situated in the stems of smoking glass pipes are known as metal filters. The presence of metal filters might cause wet, noisy smoke due to condensation.

  • Fills

The large holes in the smoking pipe that are loaded in a putty-like setting are called fills. Fills mainly tinker with the overall appearance and have zero effects on the smoking property of the pipe.

  • Misaligned parts

Smoking glass pipes that are skilfully or artistically planned have a perfect alignment of all the parts. Thus, glass pipes with misaligned parts must be avoided.

Besides the above points, unnecessary turbulence can be caused by the smoking pipe, leading to wet, loud smoke due to an interruption or disordering in the smoke stream. A quality pipe will also feature a smooth, uninterrupted airway flow from the bowl's draft hole to the mouthpiece.

Being a smoke shop owner, you must procure smoking accessories that are in sync with the above considerations to make your products appealing to your customers. If you want to stock up your smoke shop and get it ready for huge orders from your customers, you can purchase a range of hand pipes and other smoking accessories from the MJ Wholesale website!

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