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BOPP Premium Stickers vs. Regular Paper Stickers: Which one should you buy?

Companies carrying labels (stickers) don't tell you that what they are offering is, in fact, just semi-gloss paper. Even though paper labels are affordable, they are not versatile enough. Paper labels cannot stand excessive exposure to heat, moisture, cold or rough handling because they are too durable. Paper readily tears apart, gets soggy, and even breaks. That is why more and more smoke shops, head shop owners, and dispensary owners are switching to BPP labels instead of paper labels. Let us discuss BOPP labels.

What is BOPP?

BOPP is the acronym for Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene, which is plastic but biaxially oriented; it is stretched into a thin plastic film in two directions to improve its strength, clarity, and flexibility. BOPP is used to create labels and is composed of a thin, white polypropylene plastic film. It is usually available in white, clear, and chrome (shiny silver appearance) varieties.

Why choose BOPP labels over Paper labels?

Let's compare the two for those who are confused about why BOPP is better than paper labels.

1. BOPP labels are suitable for all kinds of products.

BOPP labels have a variety of applications. They are suitable for any product exposed to excessive handling, heat, cold, dust, or moisture. Here are some products they can be used with.

  • Cannabis products are handled excessively and are often carried around in different weather conditions. BOPP stickers are perfect for labeling cannabis products. If you are purchasing custom marijuana labels or custom marijuana stickers, ensure that your provider uses BOPP labels for better quality.

  • You can use them for cosmetics or cleaning products likely to contain several solvents, acids, or bases. Products such as lip balm tubes, moisturizer jars, and shampoo bottles are some examples of where they can be used.

  • They would also be apt for labeling food products like wine bottles, honey jars, spices jars, coffee or tea packaging, and other food containers. They are useful for all products, even those that often require refrigeration and undergo temperature fluctuations.

  • Bath and body products are also consistently exposed to moisture, steam, and water. They are handled repeatedly. BOPP stickers can maintain themselves even in such situations and are perfect for such products.

2. BOPP labels are stain-resistant and water-resistant.

BOPP labels are solvent-resistant, water-resistant, oil-resistant, acid-resistant, and stain-resistant, so you don't need to worry about smudged text, unclear images, destroyed labels, stains, or spillage of any kind on the product.

3. BOPP labels are highly durable

Designed to last the entire product lifetime, BOPP labels are the finest and most durable labels on the market. They are practically indestructible and can be used in the kitchen or the bathroom without a fret. The reason is due to its polypropylene film, which is solvent resistant, acid resistant, stain resistant, immune to extreme temperatures, durable, and hard-wearing. The durability of BOPP stickers ensures that your product looks great throughout its life and makes your packaging look even more professional.

4. BOPP labels increase the chances of reorders.

While paper stickers will be half-torn, smudged, or destroyed soon after the product purchase, BOPP stickers will look as good as new even when your customers are out of their product and looking for a refill. If the stickers are intact, it makes it easier for the customer to get in touch with you by seeing your contact details on the labels, thus increasing the chances of reorders.

5. BOPP labels are affordable

Despite its high-quality appearance and durability, BOPP labels won't cause a hole in your pocket. Undoubtedly, paper labels are slightly cheaper than BOPP labels, but they lack the various features that BOPP provides.

6. BOPP labels look amazing

Your product's appearance, packaging, and labeling are crucial. Customers often select products that look neat, attractive, and valuable. Paper labels often absorb ink resulting in a dull and flat image or smudged letters due to bulk printing at the printing press. But polypropylene film does not absorb anything and hence keeps the image crisp. This happens because the ink on the label's surface is laminated with a thin layer of clear polypropylene for added protection. This is why BOPP labels look brighter, vibrant, and attractive. With BOPP labels, your product looks the best everywhere – on your store shelf, online, and in your customer's hands.

7. BOPP is available in different varieties

BOPP labels are versatile and can be used in transparent or opaque varieties. So, whether you need see-through or bright-colored, solid labels on your product or packaging, BOPP labels will not disappoint you.

Ending Note

BOPP labels are superior to any other labels available in the market and are suitable for all kinds of products. If you want custom marijuana stickers, don't worry. MJ Wholesale offers high-quality custom marijuana labels specially printed for your brand. Whether you want your logo, brand name, images, contact information, or anything else printed on labels – we can do it for you. Baggies, Pop Tops, Jars, or any other packaging material – we have got you covered. The process is simple. You call us with your label requirements and packaging type. We will advise on the best type of labels – sizes, shapes - square, round, circle, or others, and quantities depending on the details you provide. You then send us your artwork in a digital file electronically, and we create a proof for your reference. Once you approve the proof, we will print your custom marijuana stickers in the required quantity and ship them to you! Visit us now!
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