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Can dirty bong water make one sick? Let's discuss

As a smoke shop owner, you must be at the receiving end of several queries, doubts, and advice from your customers. One such question in the mind of many smokers would be if dirty bong water can get them sick. Why would someone ask that? Well, let's face reality. Smokers often tend to reuse their bongs repeatedly without rinsing or cleaning them. Most smokers agree that cleaning their bong always seems like a huge bother. It may come as a surprise, but maintaining a clean bong and ensuring a fresh water supply are both essential steps in smoking safely. Keep reading this article to understand the importance of cleaning a dirty bong and whether reusing a dirty bong can get one sick.

Why do people skip cleaning their bong?

As the smoke diffuses into the water, it softens considerably, making it easier on the throat and lungs, but maintaining all of its delicious characteristics. In addition, one can take considerably larger hits out of a bong than a standard pipe, enabling faster inhalation of the substance and a more rapid beginning of its effects. For this last reason, many smokers presume it's easy to let the cleaning and maintenance of the bong go by the wayside for a few days, weeks, or even months at a time. 

However, it is always recommended to clean your bong regularly because an unmaintained water pipe is an ideal environment for the growth of disease-causing organisms such as fungus and bacteria. Also, if the person has been under too much stress, there is a significant probability that it has a suppressing effect on their immune system. With a compromised immune system, there is a greater chance that the water in the bong could cause them harm. The solution to this issue is as simple as maintaining clean water lines.

Is it possible to get sick from dirty bong water?

The response to this question is "yes," It is possible to get ill by drinking unclean bong water. Bacteria and fungi are likely to grow in the stagnant water that collects in bongs and water pipes, just as they would in practically any other moist and musty environment. 

Have you ever seen a pinkish film or black specks appear on the surface of the shower or bathtub? The pink substance you see is a form of fungus, and the same kind of fungus may also develop in a bong. For instance, fusarium is a widespread fungus known for flourishing in moist environments, such as toilets. This particular disease has been linked to the devastation of one or more cannabis plants. Inhaling Fusarium spores, which are water-borne fungi, has the potential to make one ill or give them an infection. Fusarium is only one of many such water-borne fungi.

Molds have a propensity to grow around percolators, a location that is most challenging to clean. Molds could appear in many colors, such as pink, green, black, gray, or white, although the most prevalent colors are black, gray, white, and black. 

Mold spores may produce the following symptoms if they are breathed in:

  • Allergy

  • Headache

  • Coughing and discomfort in the chest

  • Dizziness

  • Fatigue

  • A general sense of unwellness and feeling ill

  • Vision is hazy, and the eyes are irritated and red.

  • Infection of the lungs (bronchitis, pneumonia)

Of course, as in every illness, there are several factors to consider, like the local weather, the debris in the water in the bong and the general effectiveness of the person's immune system.

Tips related to Cleaning a Bong

You can suggest these quick tips to your customers to motivate them to clean their bongs regularly.

  • Allowing the water in the bong to get too seasoned will only make cleaning up more complicated if the bong overflows. Its odor will likely permeate the whole floor or embed itself deep into the carpet, where it lingers for many weeks.

  • Cannabis users should at the very least make an effort to empty and replace the water every night after the final bowl is smoked, or at the very least before going to sleep each night. There is no getting around the reality that smoking out of a bong filled with unclean water is very unsanitary.

  • Pour water into the bong, leave it upside down to dry, and then fill it with fresh water.

  • At least once every week, one should give the bong a thorough cleaning. This will stop any disease-causing organisms from developing, reducing the risk that they will reach the lungs and make one sick.

Ending Note

Clearing out the bong after each use is of such critical significance that your customers should look for any opportunities to motivate themselves to do so. Your word to them might be one such motivation! Cleaning the bong is uncompromisable since it is one of the best ways to consume marijuana, provides the best flavor, has an attractive appearance, and is highly convenient. 

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