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Grow your marijuana business with customer-centric packaging designs.

When it comes to marijuana, the importance of good quality, attractive and eco-friendly packaging cannot be undermined anymore. Customers get attracted to a good-looking package, which encloses a great product. If you have a great product in a loose plastic baggie, it is very likely to just get ignored!

Marijuana Packaging MJ Wholesale

It would be the best to utilize a marijuana packaging that attracts people from outside the store and also, when they touch, feel, or look at it in person. The question is how to get that perfect packaging for your customer? Any packaging design relies on three basic aspects—shape, color, and text, in that order.

Let's have a look:

  1. The shape of the packaging

The shape and the size are crucial because they impact how the product feels in your customer's hand. The customer is sure to touch the packaging, and if it is too big or too small or weirdly shaped, it can be a turn-off for them.

  1. Color of the packaging

The color of your packaging gives more individuality and personality to the brand. It can also follow an existing color combination that is present on the brand's logo or other products.

  1. Text on the packaging

The brand's voice must be heard through the packaging too. This can be done by using simple yet effective text. Ensure that you don't write too much because that can give a congested look to the packaging.

Besides the above factors, there are other important aspects too. As a dispensary owner, you might have a specific segment of customers or a combination of customer segments you cater to. It could be the laidback smoker, the newbie smoker, the medicinal user of cannabis, or even the luxury smoker. The first step towards developing an effective packaging strategy is identifying the customer segment you wish to cater to.

To grow your business, you must have your packaging designed either to attract the customer base you have developed over the years or the customer base seek to attract.

Let's have a look at a few marijuana packaging tips that can be utilized as per the customer segment.

  1. Marijuana Packaging according to the youth

Youth are consistently seeking to purchase brands that resonate with their thinking and values. The same goes for marijuana. Not only will they see the colors, design, and trendiness of your packaging, they will also be more impressed if they have a reason to relate to it.

Traditional packaging with zero design or a 100% plastic packaging solution might not work with them. So, if you have many young customers, you need to mold your packaging design as per that!

Here are a few ways you can ensure that your packaging is youth-centric:

  • Stay on top of trends

Knowing the right trend at the right time can give you an instant edge over your competitors. A good marijuana wholesale supplier can give you the best tips and trendy ideas for packaging that is youth-centric.

  • Go sustainable

The youth is getting increasingly environmentally conscious. They want to do their bit for nature. When they see that you have sustainable packaging that does not harm the environment or leave a carbon footprint, they will be keener to buy from you. Brand values such as love for nature and being environmentally conscious can attract them. These values make you a responsible brand as well. Some customers don't even mind paying an extra buck just to buy sustainable products.

  1. Medical Marijuana Packaging for Customer

Pain relief and pain management are crucial reasons for many people to resort to medical cannabis. A suitable packaging can give the medical cannabis user more trust, insight, and choice for their purchase.

Here's how you can ensure your marijuana packaging caters to them:

  • Simple Design

Flashy and over-the-top designs can be a put-off for medical users of cannabis. It is not needed, as their purchase is to solve a problem and not recreation. Clean graphics and ample white space make for the perfect packaging design for medical cannabis users.

  • Well-Labeled

The benefits of medical marijuana in the package should be labeled clearly. Not only should it be clear, but also prominent enough. It should highlight the pain-relieving aspect of the product.

  1. Marijuana Packaging for Luxury or High-End Customers

A visually appealing and subtle design can work wonders with this segment of customers. The packaging must be such that the brand status appears elevated to your customers.

Here are a few ways to cater to the luxury cannabis customer segment

  • Try a non-conventional design

Luxury customers want to purchase something that nobody has. Using stereotypical or standard packaging can cause a dip in their interest levels. Try using a non-conventional yet aesthetically appealing packaging design to attract their attention.

  • Opt for a designer packaging

A classy designer packaging can be apt for the customers in this segment. A minimalistic yet creative design works best to attract their attention. Your packaging must be robust and look elite at the same time.

  • Innovative User Experience

A packaging that provides a tactile user experience can get anybody's attention almost instantly. An elaborate user experience not only makes it more personal but also provides it a unique design to the packaging. Try to provide an innovative user experience to your high-end customers with this kind of packaging.

Besides customizing your marijuana package according to the customer segment, choosing the right marijuana wholesale store for your packaging needs is also essential. Choose a wholesale partner that provides you with the whole chunk of items you look for and adds value to your business through their knowledge, experience, and expertise.

With MJ Wholesale, you can get various marijuana packaging options ranging from mylar bags, joint tubes, glass and silicon jars, and many more at reasonable rates. The immense range of products can give you plenty of choices to pick something for each of your customer segments.

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