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MJ Wholesale New Releases

New releases help define what we’re about at MJ Wholesale.

We’re not here to bring you the same old, same old when it comes to marijuana packaging and accessories. We’re aware that the cannabis industry is continually evolving—and we’re here to grow alongside it. 

Smokers are more drawn toward companies that are always striving to improve upon prior releases. MJ Wholesale works to understand smokers and their preferences for a better concept of what makes a successful product. 

MJ Wholesale New Releases

The final result is a whole page of our inventory that’s dedicated to highlighting exciting new products. 

Our ‘New Arrivals’ page reflects the mission of MJ Wholesale to stay ahead of the curve to provide smoke shops with what they need. 

How MJ Wholesale Stays Ahead 

With thousands of cannabis products and companies navigating the marketplace, it can be challenging to find the best products without customizing your approach. 

So, how does MJ Wholesale study the marketplace?

It starts with customer insight. 

Listening to customer requests is a great way to narrow down and find specific products that resonate with smokers. Since smokers have varying preferences, it’s best to do as much listening as possible to identify fan-favorite products and emerging trends. 

Raw is a classic example of a company we feature that understands its customers. Rolling papers from Raw have been a staple of smoking culture for years, so the company kept evolving to release products that their customer base could benefit from. 

This Raw burlap backpack in our ‘New Arrivals’ is a prime example of a company understanding the need for smokers to store gear and accessories while taking things a step forward with an attractive design.

What Dispensaries and Smoke Shops Need

If you walk into modern dispensaries in states such as California, you’ll notice that most dispensaries emphasize offering different types of products. 

That’s where MJ Wholesale comes in. 

MJ Wholesale recognizes the different working parts that come together to form a successful dispensary. When entering a dispensary, customers frequently look for an experience based on quality customer service. That top-tier service begins in the products that you’re offering. 

If customers are asking questions instead of requesting specific products right off the bat, chances are they’re looking for something new and better than what they had before. Having the ability to display and present new arrivals is a surefire way to attract customer interest and establish followings with new products. 


Offering products that resonate with customers starts by understanding what a smoker is looking for. All of the MJ Wholesale categories are tailored toward products that elevate a smoker’s experience.

Our ‘New Arrival’ inventory is updated consistently so that we’re always ahead of the curve to provide trending products and thrilling releases. Through browsing our ‘New Arrivals’, you’ll discover novelty items that add some flavor to your smoking game. 

Whether you’re growing, processing, or running a dispensary, the ‘New Arrivals’ page from MJ Wholesale represents our mission to bring dispensaries and head shops the latest and greatest. 

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